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k is for kids

we make lots of different drinks for kids to enjoy, from 100% juice (with no bits), and pure fruit smoothies in recipes made especially for little people to fruity water (a refreshing blend of 50% pure fruit juice and 50% spring water) and our delicious fruit tubes full of pure fruit puree.  

So our kids' range is the perfect way to celebrate day K of our #alphabetchampions challenge.

Here's what Mummy From the Heart was inspired by

E is for... erm

It turns out that there aren't many fruits that begin with the letter E.  So we can't tell you how delicious an eggfruit is.  Let alone what an emu apple looks like, or when the Eastern May hawthorn is in season. 

But the letter E is still the most common in the English language, and so it's a brilliant letter to celebrate on the fifth day of our #alphabetchampions challenge.

Cafe Bebe took some pictures of everything to do with the letter E that inspired her and her family.  Take a look, and share some pics of what you like about the letter E using the hashtags #innocent and #alphabetchampions