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that's all folk(s)

The Madchester innocent music club is sadly drawing to a close. After three amazing years at innocent, I have decided to pack my bags and am off to travel the big, wide world. What better way to end than an intimate Badly Drawn Boy gig at my favourite Manchester drinking hole Dulcimer which has started something of a "folk revolution."


Sorry for the dark photo, I'm not the best of photographers

To see BDB perform in such a small crowd was really special. In his own words, it felt "like the first gig again." The behatted musician has kindly agreed to design a hat for our Big Knit campaign this year. Let's see if he comes up with a folk beanie hat to rival the rock and roll designs we had last year.


If you're into your folk music and are at a loose end in London tonight (Thurs) check out The Saffron Sect's twilight parlour music. I managed to catch some of their beguiling gig last week and it was breathtaking. They are playing as part of Down at the Redbricks, a night of fun-loving psychedelia which has helped launch the brilliant tunes of The Beep Seals (their album Things That Roar has been my soundtrack of the summer) and Findlay Brown, who played at our village fete.

Well that's it for now folks. I'm sad I won't be around to see our Big Knit hats hit the shops, however, I should be back in time for next year's fete. Who knows, I may get an invite to perform again with the innocent band.

Bye for now.

Vic x

summer in the park

Thank you Ted for last week’s blog about the innocent band. It got me thinking that the Madchester innocent music club has been a wee bit quiet of late. To make up for it, I’ll be sampling smoothies at Summer in the Park in Manchester this weekend. I’m really excited as the event combines my favourite things; music and food and drink. I’m even told there will be a few beards, delightful.

Check out the brilliant line up which includes Manchester favourites I am Kloot and The Earlies, and a couple of personal favourites of mine Stephen Fretwell and Liam Frost. I’m also looking forward to catching Lucy and the Caterpillar (pictured here, isn’t she cute?).


food and drink
On the food front, the region’s best producers will be making an appearance and there will be food from Manchester’s yummiest restaurants such as Marmalade. Visit Cup, a lovely new addition to Manchester’s Northern Quarter, if you want to quaff one of our smoothies. Or if you fancy a spot of tea and cake you can try the coolest brew in town, Mr Scruff’s Make us a Brew.


The Travelling Band, winners of the Glastonbury New Talent 2008, will be making an appearance too.

So what are you waiting for? Bagsy your ticket and we’ll see you there. Just make sure you pop over to the innocent stand to say hello.

By Vic.

Madchester innocent music club halloween folk night


Dulcimer, a new bar in Chorlton with “finer ales and finer folk”, put on a bit of a do on Halloween night. As we love a bit of folk and dressing up in the Manchester office (and I am also rather partial to the odd beard), Fiona and I donned our best Halloween get ups and went to check it out. We hovered by the entrance for a wee while as it seemed that not many people had made an effort to dress up, however once inside we were pleased to see plenty of scary looking revellers amongst the blazing pumpkins.


I reckon the best outfit of the night was Jenny’s, pictured below next to my mate Alyson. She was dressed as a vampire. I’m told that she wears this outfit to festivals throughout the summer, without the fangs I hope.


Dulcimer is a welcome addition to the burgeoning bar scene in Chorlton. It’s not just the folk and ales that are fine, there are fine wines and some mighty fine music. The bar is run by a lovely chap called Lee Janda (pictured below on the left), part of the B Music trio.


The hairy orange monster next to him is Andy Votel, who did a superb job playing his weird and wonderful retro grooves at our fete this year. Next to him dressed as the ghost is Dom, also of B Music, and the lovely lady at the end is Jane Weaver. You can experience her sublime melodies live at Dulcimer on Sunday December 2, when she’s playing as part of The Bearded Ladies. I’ll be there, although I must admit I usually prefer bearded blokes.

By our Vic.

the innocent madchester music club


We decided to start a monthly office gig night, the innocent Madchester music club. Secretly I wanted the opportunity to dig out my Affleck's flares and hoodie from my Wigan college days, so we headed down to The After Show, a night which is the brainwave of Danny McNamara from Embrace.

Who better to meet at the inaugural event than Clint Boon, one time organ player with the Inspiral Carpets (sadly without his magnificent carpet barnet he sported back in the Madchester days).


Clint is our kid Fiona's favourite DJ. You can listen to him on XFM or venture down to South on a Saturday for his Disco Rescue club night where he plays the coolest old and new indie tunes.

Clint's a really friendly, down-to earth guy, as is Romeo from the Magic Numbers, who I bumped into coming out of the loos. I think I'd better point out at this juncture that I wasn't hanging round the Gents trying to track down male rock stars, it just happens that the toilets in Sankey's are unisex.


Romeo told me he drinks our smoothies most days, so he was especially pleased to be given one for an energy boost before going on stage. They played a fantastic gig - it was wicked seeing them in such an intimate venue. After they finished we downed our smoothies and caught the disco bus home.


Congratulations to Danny and all involved as the night was a huge success and we look forward to returning soon.

by our Vic in the Manchester office (pictured with Clint)