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season of mists and magnets

We love a bit of culture and all that stuff (we've got an Andrew Lloyd Webber CD) so we were chuffed to see Joanna using her innocent magnets to spell out the work of Keats


Impressive, especially when you consider that most of the time people tell us what they've managed to spell, it turns out that it was 'bum'. (And occasionally other naughty words too, for which we cannot accept any responsibility whatsoever.) Thank you, Joanna, for being brilliant and for raising the tone.

P.S - If you fancy some seasonally appropriate poetry or indeed the word 'bum' on your fridge, our magnets are free in packs of our kids drinks at the moment.

rude(ish) magnets

Until November, our kids drinks come not only with the promise of delicious wedge-shaped fruity scrumptiousness (it's a word), but three free magnets too.

We're really rather fond of our magnets - they help kids practice their spelling and, as we all know, spelling's good for the mind, body and the soul (and pretty handy when you need a job, too).

However, a few people have been in touch with us on Facebook to say that their selection of magnets have been spelling out some rather rude words:



We're taking this matter very seriously and will be looking into it immediately* (*sniggers into sleeve).