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A wee story

Over the years, we've been sent some lovely things from our drinkers. Other times, we’ve been sent some weird things from our drinkers. We’ll let you decide which category the following letter from John Collins falls under:


We just hope he’s careful not to mix the bottles up afterwards.

If you’ve got any unorthodox uses for our bottles we…think…we’d love to hear about them in the comments (those advertising campaigns aren't going to come up with themselves), so be sure to let us know.

we are winners

Our delicious tropical juice has won gold prize at the 2013 Grocer Awards. 

It scored a stupendous 49 out of 50 for taste, based on votes from actual real people, as well as a panel of experts. 

We're dead proud. 


award-winning tropical juice



12 days of mocktails

It's Boxing Day today, which means there's a strong chance you may have overdone the Bucks Fizz a bit yesterday.

If your head is feeling a bit fuzzy, but you're still want to enjoy a festive tipple, why not take a look at the innocent 12 Days of Christmas mocktails. 

Just click here and enjoy a Christmassy drink that will do you some good too.

coming to a street near you...

Here is our new orange juice poster. There's a lot of choice in the supermarket juice aisle (as there is in other aisles, such as tinned vegetables and savoury biscuits) but YOU HAVE A CHOICE. And, if we're honest, we'd like you to pick us. Hence the 'Pick me' bit. It's pretty deep.

innocent orange juice 

important research

Studies have shown that looking at pictures of things we like can double our happiness levels. We very much like looking at pictures of otters, so it's great to know that it's good for us too. Bingo.

otters from our juice label

"God save our graaacious queen..."

You can see more animals from our juice labels on our Olympics page. And if your boss catches you skiving, just tell her it's good for your soul.