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bachelor of the week

Please say hello to Jeroen.

Our jeroen

Jeroen is one of our Dutch colleagues and as you can see, he's quite a catch.

Unfortunately, no one has caught him just yet but we think this is all set to change very soon.

Thanks to his rugged good looks, Jeroen has made into this week's edition of the well known Dutch magazine Yes as their 'Bachelor of the Week'.


This week's special is all about knowing your man by knowing his taste in clothes

For those of you itching to know exactly what Jeroen's tastes are, he likes girls who dress smartly, wear a little makeup (not too much) and most importantly, enjoy wearing heels.

Now, of course, being the souls of discretion, we would never give out Jeroen's contact details directly.

But if you happened to stumble across our people page, well, that'd be another matter.

Let us know how dinner and the movie goes.

(Posted by Niels)


Hello, I'm Row and I'm one of the People's Champions here at innocent. I'm here to look after all of our drinkers, and be their voice inside Fruit Towers. I recently went on a little journey to visit my European counterparts and here are some of the highlights, largely of the culinary variety, from my trip.

First stop was Amsterdam, where after a day imparting great wisdom and British colloquialisms, Ine and Jeroen took me out for a traditional Dutch meal. I'm the sort of girl who gets nervous when the word 'surprise' is used around food, and even more so when it's followed by a vague description of 'meat mousse.' Whatever that mousse was, it was good.


Ine, me, Jeroen and a strategically placed lampshade in The Blue Dutchman

Disaster struck, as the annual event of me losing my voice began. My fears were compounded when my taxi driver choose the classical channel playing "The Funeral March" over Bruce Springsteen as I was about to leave.


extended vowels to reflect my northern accent

Next up was Hamburg, where I was off to see Brigitte. After narrowly missing out on becoming a silhouette model (darn those clouds), she took me to Fillet of Soul, where no meat mousses were offered. Instead, I decided to plump for elsässer flammkuchen mit speck, zwiebellauch, creme fraiche, rucola und balsamico. No surprises there then.


In Copenhagen, the lovely Emile made sure I had copious amounts of warm drinks and chocolate, the two things a girl needs when she's feeling under the weather.

Naturally this wasn't just a feed-Row-up trip, I should stress that copious amounts of training and divulging of great knowledge went on. If ever you pop into any of our European offices, the lovely Carlien, Brigitte and Emilie will make you feel very welcome, as they did me. A big dank u, danke and tak to all of them for looking after me so well.

row your boat


We recently attended the Dutch Indoor Rowing Championships.


There were cheerleaders...


...little tasty drinks...


...and nice people to drink the drinks.


But our favourite bit was seeing all of the contestants neatly lined up in rows (no pun intended), which is why we're showing you this photo for a second time.

amsterdam 1-0 everywhere else

yes, I did try to make the photo turn green and, no, it hasn't worked that well

Ynzo in Amsterdam sends us this news:

From 1st January 2007, all services/authorities/bodies of the city of Amsterdam will run on green electricity that has been produced from the city's own waste. This makes Amsterdam the first city in the Netherlands powered in this manner. All trams and subways will run on this energy, and also all streetlamps will be lit by energy from the same source.

Amsterdam says it wants to make a contribution to reducing global CO2 emission. This initiative equals the emission of about 82,500 cars annually. [if you can read Dutch, there's more here]

Over to you Ken (and Mr Blair and George and the rest).