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big knit hat tag winners: week 1

Congratulations to Cathey Dorain for winning week 1 of our big knit hat tag game, and Beki Crossley and Michael De Alvarez for coming in second and third. Smoothies are on their way to you.

We've got £500 worth of Amazon vouchers for the 3 most voted for pictures across the campaign and for each photo entered we'll donate an additional 10p to Age UK so do please get involved. To join in, visit go to our big knit page and submit your hat tagged pictures.

And here are the winners. Numero uno - Cathey Dorain's spin on Edward Munch.

1. Cathey Dorain

Taking silver is Beki Crossley's bear necessities.

2. Becki Crossley

In third place - Michael De Alvarez gets playful at work.

3 or 4 Michael de Alvarez

To help get your knit-spiration going (tenuous), we thought we'd share some of our favourites from last year. Such as Darlene McDermott's Angelina Jolie.

Darlene mcdermott_ange

Charlotte Rudd's friends down the pub.

Charlotte Rudd 2

And Ian Hunter's holiday snap gone woolly.

Ian Hunter


the big knit hat tag game needs you

We'll be running our hat tag game again this year, whereby we ask you take pictures using our little hats, and upload them via Facebook. But what sort of pictures? Pictures where you hold the hat between your camera and your subject, to make the little hat seem like a big hat (see below). Kind of like what they did in Lord of the Rings, but with hats, not Sir Ian McKellen and that hobbit.

Mr luke

To help get the game started, we need some volunteers we can send a little kit to, to get the game started*.

Hats will be in store from 2nd November in Sainsbury's and 9th November in Boots.

*subject to availability, we only have 3,000 kits to give away


hat tag winners and tiny snowmen

Despite adverse weather conditions, we've trampled over obstacles, dodge a few snowballs, and avoided slipping on the ice, and finally, we bring you the winner of last week's hat tag round up. 

Just a little taster of what's to come, Ollie Thorn sent us this happy chappie.

Ollie Thorn_twitter

But now, back to the hat tagging. First up, Cathey won the celebrity category with her timid beanied Queenie. This was followed by the best statue or landmark entry of the Empire State Building by Ian. Fran excelled with the most number of hats (with creative placement) with her hattosaurus collection. Best pet went to Ellen's very funky chicken, and the the winner of the most creative use of a small hat is awarded to Daniel for his recyclotron. But did you spot how many items were recycled to make it happen?

What with all this snow, we've received a flurry of pictures of tiny hats on tiny snowmen. Make yours quick before the sun comes back out in full force (well, maybe 4 degrees on Saturday). Here are just some of our favourites.

Helen Taylor took a picture of this cheeky monkey in the Canadian Rockies.

Helen Taylor_ Canadian rockies

Carolyn Ryves brought this little lady in from the cold.

Carolyn Ryves 2

Lorna Robertson sent us this novel snowmobile.

Lorna Robertson

And Jo Hamill sent us this ruby-lipped, Hunter wellied gem.

Jo Hammill 2

We hope you enjoy the snow whilst it's here. Kate loved getting her first ever snowball thrown at her (she's from Australia).


hat tagging week 2 round-up

From the first round up of hat tagging (see this post) the winners are: Darlene McDermott for her Angelina; Rose Kingscote's take on the Taj Mahal; Luke Davies' pair of iPhones; Jay Smith's 33 hats in a tree; and Cathey Dorain's beanied dog. Smoothies will be on their way, shortly...

And now, to this week's entrants. Remember, the winner of each category wins a case of smoothies.

For celebrity, we have Barack Obama featuring in "The Tomatinator"; a timid shot of HRH the Queen; and a hat about to perform live at a Rodrigo y Gabriela gig at Shepherds Bush.


Best statue or landmark is kicked off by the strawberry gherkin; followed by Empire hat of mind in the Big Apple; and the woollen wharf at, well, Canary Wharf.


Best creative placement brings us recyclotron (100% recycled materials); the VW beanie; and a rather cosy orange.


The most number of hats in one shot (creatively utilised nonetheless) offers us the hatted road; hattosaurus; and the strawberry brigade.


And finally, the best pet category. There really are a lot of photos of pets with hats, but this trio was the cream of the crop. Siamese twin cats; the funky chicken; and a strawberry camel.

I know, what's with all the strawberries? I mean, really, that's quite a lot of strawberries. Your guess is a good as ours.

You can place your vote for the best of this week's hat tagging here.


Big Knit hat tagging so far

We're just over a week into our Big Knit Facebook hat tagging, and the yarn ball is definitely rolling. Our hats have been seen on stage with Jamiroquai, being worn by St Paul's and the Gherkin, all over schools, in a couple of pubs, and on a lot of pets. Cats seem to go crazy for them. And with the great flurry of hat on domestic animal pictures, we thought it only fair to add a new category to the competition: best hat on a pet.

To give you some inspiration, and to hot up the competition, you can now vote on the round up of some of our favourites so far. Because the game has become bigger than we could ever have imagined, and as it's coming up to Christmas (and we've got one of our many festive hats on), we decided we'd be generous and award the weekly winner of each category a case of smoothies. Who says we aren't good to you?

First up, the best celebrity with a hovering hat. We have Angelina, Jamiroquai and the Terminator himself all going up against each other. But who'll be back?

Best statue or landmark sees a classic red phone booth take on a huge head, and the Taj Mahal.


Most creative placement of a hat brings us web 4.0 as two iPhones get chatting to each other, the little planet dude chills out with a smoothie, and a baby gets turned into a blue duck.


Most number of hats splits the possible entries for this category. We've got 33 hats in a tree, 27 hats on bottles and things, and the inclusion of Charlotte's photo of friends down the pub as it has the most number of people wearing the little hats in one photo. Can you beat two?


Last up is the new entry category of pets with hats. Do you prefer the smitten kitten, the beanied dog, or the cat drowning in hats? (It took us a few glances to realise there was cat in all those hats).


The voting for week 1 has now closed.