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drumroll please, it's hat of the week...


Sorry for the delay, the dog ate my computer. So, it was a stunningly close Big Knit hat of the week last week.

The creatively titled competitiors were "the flower that looks a bit like a lion", aka Dandelion (geddit? DandeLION?), and, an oldy but a goody, the Christmas pud, aka "51 days to go". Dandelion took an amazing 56.46% of the vote, with "51 days to go" finishing a brave second.

Congratulations Bev from Derby, you did a spectacuraarrrrr job. A case of smoothies will be winging themselves to you.

sipping susan scores...

Bertram the boss eyed bee bombs.Poor Bertram.

Knit Wars stepped up a gear this week with the fight to end all fights, the clash of the titans, the ultimate woolly battle to glory or (as we like to do things round here) a democratic vote between our favourite knitted hats of the week.

Sipping Susan by Mary of Bishops Stortford emerged victorious with 62.78% of the public vote precisely.

Here she is enjoying a well earned victory drink.


As for Bertram, all is not lost, he was last seen in the garden at Fruit Towers feasting on the last of the season's pollen. Apparently he wants to be match fit for his imminent trip down to Sainsbury's.

It's almost time to keep your eyes peeled for Susan, Bertram and their friends.

In the meantime, the happy news is that every cloud definitely does have a silver lining. This week's postal strikes means we've decided to shift the deadline back to the 30th of October.

Hurrah for an extra ten days knitting. If you've got new hats (or even old ones from last year) we'd love to have them so please do send them in.

if you go down to the woods today...

Edward t bear

You're unlikely to see a bear. They don't grow over here. Something to do with infertile soil and a lack of sunlight. However, if you go down to our blog today you will see a bear. Edward T Bear to be precise, winner of last week's hat of the week vote. I spoke to Edward to find out how he felt about the win.

"I feel good," he gruffed. "I mean, I've got to give credit to the opposition, Pretty Petunia, for putting up such a brave fight. I really was stretched, and tired near the end there. But the long hours I've put in at the gym with my trainer, Louise, really paid off, and in the end I think I deserved it."

Edward's efforts were rewarded with a belt of solid honey, whilst his trainer, Louise 'Apollo Creed' Butcher, will be receiving a bunch of innocent goodies.


drum roll please...

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls the announcement you've all been waiting for. In just a few short moments we'll be able to bring you, live from this very blog post, the results of this weeks 'Hat of the Week' competition. The votes have been counted and verified by our independent adjudicator and you could cut the air with a knife such is the palpable sense of tension.

Without further ado. The winner is......weirdly long pause...fumble with envelope...Big Bee Hive by Kerri from Essex.

Beehive hat

Now let's all sit back and enjoy this montage of Kerri and Big Bee Hive Hat leaping about in celebration, set possibly to Westlife's 'You raise me up'.

It's a beautiful thing indeed. Kerri, a case of our finest and our heartiest congratulations. Well done you and well done Big Bee Hive Hat.

the crowd holds its breath

...and the winner of last week's hat of the week is.....

Hoodie hat

Herbert Hoodie knitted by the marvelous Rachel Phillips. Herbert stormed to victory pulling in no fewer than 1209 votes.

Rachel, you have our undying admiration and a place on the coveted plinth. Perhaps most excitingly of all there's a case of our finest making its way to you as we speak.

If you fancy knocking Rachel off the top spot then you know what to do. We've a huge target to make this year so please do keep sending in those hats, hooded or otherwise. Anyone searching for a source of inspiration can do much worse than having a look here at our Flickr Big Knit Pool. We think the Fortis Knitters could be in for a 'highly commended' ribbon when their hats arrive.