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the first Big Knit hat of the week 2010


Peas-ed to meet you, mon petit pois.

We've already had thousands of beautiful hats delivered to us here at Fruit Towers, but this week's hat of the week goes to the lovely Suzy from Weymouth. Whilst her prize hat shows peas in a pod, the array of little gems that she's sent us have been far from that, with a pygmy goat and a beautiful little daisy also being amongst the collection.

Thank you Suzy, a case of smoothies will be on their way to you now.


final hat of the week

Teapots, swans, pigs and lots of bobbles - this year's Hat of the Week has been a rollercoaster ride and make no mistake.

This week marks the final week of the contest. Next week, the winners of the last few weeks will go hat-to-hat in the 2009 Hat Off where one hat will reign supreme.

Last week, Beardface whupped Monsterface by 59 votes.

So for the last HOTW 2009, here are this week's contenders.

In Cupid's Corner are the Hats of Love knitted by Tracey P of Catford.

Hats of love

And over in the the Corner of Fuzz are the Fluffies as knitted by Marian H from the Priddys Purlers of Alverstoke (and lovingly named by Gurdeep).

Hats of furb
Okay, so there are no corners. And no wool will be pulled. And yes, there is no mini woollen ring where these hats eschew their little capes and do battle.

But despite all that, only one of these trios can win the final HOTW. Fluffies versus Lovehearts. You decide.

To vote, click here.

10 from Number 10

Despite being a busy sort of lady, Sarah Brown found time to knit us some hats for the Big Knit.

Sarah Brown and Hats

She knitted ten in total.

Just like her door number.

Thanks very much, Sarah.

Keep your eyes peeled for them in Sainsbury's or if 'hat's not enough, check out the final contenders for our Hat of the Week.

hat of the week...

It's 'hat time of the week again (see what we did there?)

Time for the brilliant hat of the week, where you get choose the creme of a crop of our favourite creative little hats.

This week the creative knitters are merriwen2009 (Green Monster) and urban loiterer (Beardy man).


Monster Face

Beard Face

We're having a couple of issues with our clever survey making thingy at the moment so this week's voting is the old school way.

To let us know which hat you think deserves to win 'Hat of the Week', please leave a comment to this post.

Then we'll tally up the votes and announce the winner next week.

Put that in your pipe and smoke it, Survey Tool Making Thing.

hats of the week

This week's hat of the week vote is between Homer and Dennis the Menace, a cartoon special. Go and cast your own vote on which you consider to be worthy of this week's hat of the week accolade.


Our big knit hats are now in Sainsbury's stores up and down the country. Once you've found a hat you like you can add it to our flickr group or tweet us a picture and we'll give prizes to the best in a few weeks.