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hat of the week: squid vs robot

In the battle for Southampton only one gang could come out on top, and despite a tough battle, needles at dawn, and a few double purls, Joanne's Technicolour Troopers seized the day. Epic war, Joanne, you'll be needing the smoothies to regain your strength (they'll be on their way).

But now for this week. Bender from Futurama arrived several weeks ago from Alison Dark. He's been sitting in Fruit Towers, making friends and trashing veg pots (and hanging out with Barbie).

Week 6 Alison Dark

But finally we have a worthy adversary for the metallic woollen wonder. Last week we had Stitch London come into Fruit Towers for a knit-in (more to follow soon) where Lauren O'Farrell presented us with this squiffy squiggly squid.

Week 6 Lauren O'Farrell

A gigantic choice awaits you. Many have fallen under the pressure from previous bouts. But this week, you must decide.

Who's it going to be? Place your votes, here.


hat of the week: gang wars

Cockadoodle-knitting-do - last weeks hat of the week goes to Sarah-Jane and her clutch of hens with their rockin' rooster. Excellent work, smoothies on their way...

Never has a fight been so fierce since the Warriors took on the Rogues, or the Sharks went up against the Jets. Though no crowbars or wrenches are involved, we've got a fierce battle of woolen proportions. This week's hat of the week brings us gang wars, with both teams battling it out for supremacy in Southampton. In the green corner we have Sandra's Southcoast Greenies.

Week 5 Sandra Horn southampton

And in the rainbow corner we have Joanne's Technicolour Troopers.

Week 5 joanne lines southampton

Vote for your favourite gang here.


hat of the week - top of the chicks

Last week's hat of the week winner goes to Jennifer from Leicester and her disco anemone. We'll be sending her some smoothies shortly.

This week it's all a clucker as we've been taken over by farmyard animals. In the yellow corner we have Sarah-Jane's clutch of hens and their ruling rooster.

Sarah jane burningham
And in the white corner we have Alison's funky chicken. I don't know about you, but he rather reminds me of the evil penguin in Wallace and Gromit.

Alison Dark crayford kent
As always, the decision is yours. Make it here. The winning hat maker will win a sack of birdseed. (not really, but they will get a case of smoothies)


hat of the week

The Vikings won it out in last week's very close battle, but no pyres burnt after all.. Well done Susan.

Kicking off a series of themed hat of the week competitions, this week we have the best-hat-with-dangly-things-hanging-off event. You'd be surprised by the number of hats we've had which fit the bill, including a rasta hat with its own dreadlocks, an octopus with all eight arms, and some nordic themed hats with some seriously long tassles. But we've managed to wittle it down to these two.

Week 3 Jennifer Clarke
Jennifer from Leicester sent us this funky little number, like a disco anemone.

Week 3 Patricia Rushby
Whilst Patricia from Lincolnshire made this sophisticated bejeweled fancy.

So who's it going to be? You decide, by voting here.


hat of the week

Fruit Towers has been filling up with Big Knit hats over the last few weeks, wool all over the picnic benches, hats popping up at places you wouldn't expect (there's been a gnome invasion - more to follow soon), and it means it's been a hard one to chose for, but here are the contestants for this week's hat of the week.

Week 2 Val Cox

Val sent in an amazingly varied collection of hats, but this be-scarfed bear really tickled us.

Week 2 Susan Molinaro - USA

Susan sent us this little Viking. But not from Scandinavia, oh no, but all the way from the US of A.

The winning knitter will get a case of smoothies in the post. Let the voting commence...