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hat of the week: crown vs corks

Whilst Pikachu's electric storm threatened to disrupt the safe journey of the castaway's raft, he steered it through choppy waters, and the rafter managed to paddle to safety and win the day in last week's hat of the week. Congratulations to Lesley of the Simply Knitting Knitters.

Up this week, royalty has entered Fruit Towers for a little visit.

Week 11 walk in - don't know who dropped them off

Along with a little friend from down under.

Week 11 jo hazell

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hat of the week: rafter vs pika

Last week we saw a bewitching hat-off between Adam the Vampire and his friend Jenny, up against the phantom hugger. Despite Adam's sharpened teeth and Jenny's potions, they couldn't ward off the advances of Ol' Ghosty and his ball and chain. Congratulations to the Surrey Sisterhood of Silly Hats, a case of smoothies will be on its way to you shortly.

This week the castaway rafter paddled his way up from the thames, along the rain-filled roadside, and finally into reception at Fruit Towers. Where's he's been castaway from is anyone's guess, but that loincloth is very fetching.

Week 10 lesley hosseini

He's up against Pikachu of Pokemon fame. Reknowned for his electric prowess, will it be any match for the rafter's wooden oar, and enviable beard?

Week 10 stacey carr

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hat of the week: halloween special

Last week's hat of the week winner was the openable egg and spoon by Rachel Watts. Congratulations Rachel, smoothies on their way to you now...

Since then, somethings spooky's been going on in Fruit Towers. The sound of wailing in the Big Fridge. Mugs and plates flying through the kitchen of their own accord. Bubbling cauldrons dangerously left lying around the kitchen. What does it all mean? It must be a Halloween special of hat of the week.

This fellow floated over from the central line, down the Goldhawk Road and through Fruit Towers, despite being weighed down by his heavy ball and chain. We give you: The Phantom Hugger.

Week 9 ghost surrey sisterhood of silly hats

And to make things even spookier, Jenny the Witch threw a magic potion at our normally cast-iron rules of two-hat hat of the week competitiveness, so that her friend, Adam the Vampire could join her for this week's challenge. Well, he looked like an Adam to us.

Week 9 dracula denise chalk co community relations team

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hat of the week: the tag team fight

Last week saw a mythical battle between a unicorn and a charmed frog. The unicorn huffed his hooves, whilst the frog removed his waistcoat for the fight. Waving his butterlfy catching net in a provocative manner, the frog charged at the unicorn. He nearly caught the horn in his net, but it was magical and defied capture. He sashayed his silvery mane, and with a quick charm, won the day. Very well done to Susan Smith, the knitter of the unicorn.

And now, on to this week's hat of the week: the tag teams. Another rhyme has reared its head in knitted form, as we have the Owl and the Pussycat bobbing along Goldhawk Road.

Week 8 owl & pussycat the surrey sisterhood of the silly hats 2

And in the shell corner, we have an Egg and Spoon (with fully bendable openable egg top).

Week 8 egg & spoon the surrey sisterhood of the silly hats

Will the owl end up with egg on his face, or will the pussycat claw through the shell? You can decide, here.


hat of the week: fairytales, myths and legends

With a robot taking on a deep-sea creature, it was always going to be an interesting fight. Bender flailed his arms around and tried to pull the squid's eyes off. The squid retaliated, squirting ink at the robot whilst laughing like a lunatic. This sent Bender's circuit wires crazy and he malfunctioned, leaving him open for the squid to pull him screw-from-steel, and win the day. Congratulations Lauren, smoothies will be on their way to you shortly.

Following on from the future vs sea, we now visit the battle of two mythical creatures. In the hooved corner we have Susan Smith's last Unicorn, taking a break from cantering around Shepherds Bush.

Week 7 susan smith

And in the webbed corner jumps Jayne Holder's Frog Prince. Well, I'm guessing he's a frog prince, as he's wearing a maroon waistcoat. As you would, if you were of royal blood.

Week 7 Jayne Holder

Will the unicorn use his golden horn for full effect, or will the frog capture him in his net? You can decide, by voting here.