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hat of the week: sombreros vs. aquatic animals

Last week we saw Binface of yesteryear take on his newfound family. And you know what? You voted for Binface, and he came out triumphant. Congratulations go to Vera of the Tilgate Drive Knitter Knatterers, who last year gave us the inspiration for this little video.

This week, we see sombreroed Mexican Pete and his compadres (all in beautiful rainbow knitwear), take on an anonymous shrimp and his frog-legged friend, a frog (or hermit Kermit as we like to call him).

Janet King_Mexican Pete

Anonymous shrimp & frog
Will it be burritos all round, or time to put another shrimp on the barby?

The power is in your hands, just click here to place your vote by liking your favourite photo.


that's right, hat of the week's back…

In case you hadn't heard, the Big Knit is back in action for 2011. This year we're aiming to collect 650,000 hats to raise £162,500 for Age UK. Altogether this will take our total amount raised through the Big Knit to over the £1m mark.

If you haven't heard about the Big Knit before, you can read all about it here.

And with the return of the Big Knit comes the return of hat of the week. Now you may remember a little fellow named Binface from last year. He was sent in to us from Vera Douglas of the Tilgate Drive Knitter Knatterers.

Copy of binface old_vera douglas knitter knatterers
This year, Vera sent us the rest of the Binface family.

Copy of Vera Douglas Tilgate Drive Knitter Knatterers2
Do glitterballs for eyes put you ahead of the game? Are mint and pink your winning colour combo? Or is the original always the best? Let us know if the new beats the old, by clicking here to vote on this week's hat of the week.

We'll announce the winner next week.


the hattiest hats that ever hatted

In an action packed, double-whammy, triple X, late-night-double-feature-picture-show special, we bring you the results of the final hat of the week of 2010, AND, the results of hat of the year. We're just so good to you.

The final hat of the week saw The Knitter up against The Biggest Little Christmas Tree. Despite its ultimate bling, volume, incredible craft, and fake plastic finger nail, the Tree was pipped to the post by The Knitter. Commended for the genius of the creation, the limitless patience the knitter of The Knitter must have had, and for being an all-round icon of what the Big Knit is all about. Huge congratulations go to Jackie Cryer for her exquisite creation.


Next up, the winner of the hat of the year. Having seen so many hats, we brought four of our favourites together in one place. The competition showed Robin Balboa's defeat of Hairy Claus, and The Last Unicorn beat Binface through to the finals (despite Binface's snazzy sunglasses). The final round was always set to be fierce, but there could only be one winner to take the titluar crown of "hat of all hats". Despite an intense race towards the end of today, at time of going to press, the Unicorn was in the lead with 1656 votes, a mere 28 votes ahead of the Robin. And here he is again, in all his golden horned glory.

Week 7 susan smith

Congratulations to Susan Smith for her prize-winning Unicorn.

And there ends the competing hats for 2010. We've seen peas in pods, viking hats fight bears with scarves, a dangley competition, the funky chicken take on a flock of hens (and loose), hat gang wars, a robot hat going against a squid, a mythical battle of a frog prince against a unicorn, an egg and spoon race against the owl and the pussycat, a halloween special, a rafter fighting a pokemon, a common cork hat beating royalty, and a beard off. It's been immense, it's been tense, and it's been a whole lot of hats.

Until next year...


the final hat of the week 2010

Last week saw Gingerbread Ted take on Pir-hats of the Caribbean. Never before has a seafaring battle seen such swashbuckling swinging cutlasses, and baskets of eels rolling across the deck as lobsters scuttled freely. Ultimately, only one bearded fellow could remain captain of the ship, and Gingerbread Ted took the biscuit, and dunked it in his Captain Crunch. Congratulations go to Cassie Eastham for producing such a fine knit of facial hair.

And on this sad day we come to the last hat of the week of 2010. But cry ye not, because we have quite a treat in store for you. You may have seen them in the press, you may have seen them on the blog, you may even have seen them on film (yes, they're that popular), but now they finally come to hat of the week. We give you: The Knitter VS The Biggest Little Christmas Tree.

In the knitting corner sits The Knitter in her red cardigan.


She has cocktail sticks for knitting needles and a tiny ball of yarn.


She wears her hair in a bun.


And she doesn't need to go to Specsavers, her glasses are just fine as they are.


In the Christmas corner we have the Biggest Little Christmas Tree you're ever likely to see.


This tree has everything on. From a small squirrel hidden under some tinsel.


To a fake silver fingernail.


And it even has little people made out of beads dangling from the bottom.


This may be the hardest choice you've ever had to make, but make it you must, and make it here.

Good luck.


hat of the week: we've got a beard off

Last week saw the classic cork hat take on the regal crown, and the corks beat the gold. Congratulations to Jo Hazell of Newport, smoothies will be on their way to you shortly.

This week, loosely affiliated to innocent's participation in Movember, we have a beard off. Yes, we do know the difference between a beard and a moustache, but it seemed unfair to shave these guys of their pride and joy.

First up we have Captain's favourite Gingerbread Ted with a mighty beard.

Week 12 Cassie Eastham

But he's not the only seafaring entrant, as we bring you Pir-hats of the Caribbean. We can't tell where his dreads end and his beard begins, but we love him nonetheless.

Week 12 Alex Kay

We thought it may help you to make your mind up if you got to hear from the hats themselves. So here you go.

In the hairy beardy hatty tash off, which hirsute hat will take the biscuit, and get crumbs stuck to its chin? You decide.