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As it's starting to feel like winter is definitely on the way, we thought it time to share some real winter warmers. And so we bring you scarf versus mittens. Or are you more of a snood fan? Good, we didn't think so. Scarf versus mittens it is then. The choice is yours. Just go here, and "Like" whichever photo you prefer to cast your vote.

It's mitten time.




And last week was a landslide of Disney's Dwarves over the GB Olympic entry. Who knew that a "hi-ho" or two can beat 5 gold medallists?


hat of the week: Disney vs. the Olympians

It's not often that a group of characters from a 1930s Disney classic compete against some of the UK's finest athletes, but hey, it's just one of those weeks. Who will win between Snow White and the 7 dwarves and the British Olympic team? Go here to vote and choose your winner.

The British Olympic Team



Snow white

7 dwarves front

7 dwarves back

The results from last week show that the mouse is mightier than the fictitious elf from the land of Nintendo. Who'd a thunk it. A big congratulations to Mrs Gail Lee.


hat of the week: mouse against Zelda

The hats have been piling in to Fruit Towers, and the competition is hotting up. This week we pitch a modest mouse against a pint-sized fantasy warrior who needs to find a Princess. It's mouse Vs The Legend of Zelda in an epic battle of tiny proportions. Go here to place your vote.


The results are in from last week, and the googley snail, fish and bee came out victorious over the alien fish. Congratulations go to Sarah Jane Burningham.

hat of the week: all creatures great and boogley-eyed

In this week's edition, all creatures great and googley-eyed go eyeball to eyeball, as the triple-tag-team of a fish, snail and bee challenge a pair of alien-fish to a duel. Or does that make it a brawl? You can place your votes here by "liking" which hat you prefer.

Fish snail bee
A googley fish, snail and bee.

Alien fish
If you can tell us exactly what these are then you'll win an overriding sense of relief and relaxation from us.

Last week, the psychedellic squids took poll position over the rasta-bonanza, a big congratulations to Shirley Boyle.


hat of the week: psychedellic squids take on rasta

The results are in from last week, drum roll please, and the anonymous shrimp and hermit Kermit took the lead, safely securing their stronghold over Mexican Pete and his compadres. If you know who knitted this shrimp, please let us know. He's totally anonymous, and and a bit of an anomaly. But a wonderful one.

In the most suprising hat of the week yet, an otherwise friendly group of psychedellic squids take on a rasta. Who wins? You decide, by placing your votes in our Facebook album by clicking "like" on your favourite.

Shirley boyle

R. Boyce