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hat of the week and hats for auction

A pirate, a black and white movie film star, and a Russian doll all walk into a bar. What happens next? Please go to our facebook and give us some suggestions, and whilst you're at it vote for this week's hat of the week. Up for the eponymous title this week is Captain Jack Sparrow, Charlie Chaplin, and Babushka the Russian doll.

Charlie jack and russian doll

You can also bid for these three treasures over on ebay now, along with the modest mouse, and Mario and Luigi hats, as below. Every penny raised on ebay will go direct to Age UK, making winter warmer for older people. Last week we raised over £100, thank you so much for bidding.


Mario and Luigi inspired.



hat of the week: freaky vs. freakier

This week's hat of the week takes us on a journey to the weird and wonderful. First up in the carb corner is the man of many faces (but one head), Mr Potato Head. In the white and fluffy corner we have Alfred the Squib. Yes, we have confirmation, he's definitely a squib, and he's got a cracking 'tache.

Go to our facebook album here, and "like" which photo you prefer to cast your vote.

The classic Mr Potato Head.


Alfred the Squib.


Last week saw the owls grabbing a landslide victory over the jumpers. Congratulations to Hazel & Pippa.


hat of the week: jumpers vs. owls

The Big Knit is now live in Sainsbury's stores across the UK (and Boots from next Wednesday), and we thought we'd honour that with a special woolwear hat of the week, showcasing a little pair of big chunky knit jumpers, going up against a family of wild-eyed owls.

Who will win? It's at your fingertips. Go to our facebook and click to "like" whichever photo you prefer.

Chunky knits.


Wonky owls.


Happy voting.


hat of the week: something wicked this way comes

If you go down to fruit towers today, you're sure to get a big surprise...

Things are getting spooky around here, the pumpkin soup is coming out, and magnets even glow in the dark. In keeping with the season, we bring you a halloween special hat of the week.

Would you rather be treated to pumpkin pie, or get tricked by Frankenstein's Monster? To place your vote, go to our facebook and "like" which photo you prefer.

Susan Smith


Last week showed us that mittens beat scarves. And that's a knitted fact.