Thoughts from category: hat of the week

cool knittings


This week's hat of the week was sent to us by the Tilgate Drive Knitter Natterers from Bexhill on Sea. What we're especially loving about it - apart, of course, from the brilliant set of dreadlocks - is that this hat has its own hat. And as the old saying goes, two hats are better than one. Congratulations to Vera, Grace and Anne down in East Sussex, we'll be sending a case of drinks out to you soon.

ground control to major tom


All of the 120 hats sent in by the mum and daughter pairing of Sylvia Russell and Jayne Clements were rather excellent, but something stood out about this one. Perhaps it was the big pair of saucer eyes that gazed back at us, or maybe it was the strange but beautiful mullet-come-scarf-come half finished cape-type-thing that dangles from the back. Or was it just because there's something very glam rock about it all, and we couldn't help thinking that if David Bowie were a woolly hat, he'd be this woolly hat. Whatever the reason, we think it's a winner, and more than worthy of being our hat of the week.

hug me


Isn't this just the cutest hat, or rather hoodie hat, you've ever seen? In fact, it may well be the first hoodie hat you've ever seen. But that's okay. It's still pretty darn special. We think this week's hat of the week is an early contender for hat of the year. I've been parading it around the office since it's arrival, to many an 'ooh' and 'aah' of delight. I mean, just look at how happy that bottle looks, all snug and warm and hooded. Great work Rachel Phillips. You sure know how to knit a good hoodie hat.

world traveller


This week's exceptional Big Knit little woolly hat has travelled far and wide to get to Fruit Towers. The wee Nepalese-style beanie, complete with a pair of really useful ear-flaps was sent to us from Faerie Glen of Pretoria, South Africa.

Faerie obviously heard about how chilly it can get here in the UK what with Winter coming, so looked to the wisdom of the Himalayan people for tips on keeping smoothie bottles wrapped up warm.

This insight paired with fantastic pattern design makes this hat a clear favourite for us for this week's coveted Hat of the Week award. Well done Faerie.

grand hat judging winners

As we've said before, the creativity of Big Knit hats sent in this year has been astonishing. Last week we gave you the chance to vote for your favourite hats and we're now excited to be announcing the winners.


Edith W won the Best Little Hat(s) category with her fantastic monsters.


The hedgehog ran away with the Most Creative Hat prize - gaining a whopping 42.66% of the vote. Congratulations to Mrs Cobb for sending in this brilliant design.


This lovely little snowman, knitted by Mrs Rackham and the Titter Tatters was the Favourite Seasonal Hat. We think it was the posh broom that swung it.


And (drum roll please). The Hat of the Year - Your favourite of favourite hats from all the Hats of the Weeks was the Green Dragon. So a massive well done to Kate E for taking this grand prize.

We'll be contacting all the winners soon and sending you a special Big Knit trophy and a nice box of smoothies.