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and the hat of the week goes to...


Last week, Pigtail Penny and Sunshine Sheila did battle for the coveted title of Big Knit Hat of the Week.

Sunshine Sheila donned the yellow sunflower hat and using the broad rim and glowing centre, shone like the Sun from her side of the ring. On the otherside, Pigtail Penny, with her lustrous brown locks and twinkling blue eyes, pulled out some street style drop kicks and the odd half nelson here and there. The crowd were going wild, Penny and Sheila were locking hats until suddenley, Pigtail Penny went for the upper cut straight into the roundhouse move and whupped Sunshine Sheila into next Tuesday.

Congratulations to her trainer, Hazel from Watford, for helping Penny win the Hat of the Week. A case of delicious smoothies are winging their merry way to you right now.

the first Big Knit 'Hat of the Week' of 2009

Last week we officially reinstated the thrilling 'Hat of the Week' competition. Each and every week we'll select the crème of the woolly hatted crop and ask you to vote for your . Sort of like X Factor but without the premium rate phone calls. The winning hat will then take pride of place on the plinth in reception and the proud knitter will win a case of our finest drinks. Maybe there'll be some sort of grand hat-off in November. Who knows where it'll take us?

Going head to head last week we had the Virtual Insanity Jamiroquai inspired hat from Alison of the 'Priddy Purlers' and the 'Majestic Mouse' from Mrs Joan Lockett. Who was first to the claim the coveted spot upon the plinth of purlfection? The crowd holds its breath. Presenting the winner of 2009's first Hat of the Week competition... 'Majestic Mouse'.


Well done Mrs Lockett. A case of our finest is on its way to you as we speak. To vote on this weeks entries just click here. Dust off your needles and grab the nearest sheep. It's time to start knitting.

the wooliest hat ever


It's a ram and it's covered in wool. But it's also a hat made of wool. It's really very layered indeed. Are those a honking set of mutton chops we see? Or are they horns? Is it cruel to call a ram's sideburns mutton chops? It probably is. How can we make it up to you fine ram - if we make you hat of the week will you stop staring at us so intensely with that big old left eye of yours? Probably not, but we're going to make you hat of the week anyway, on account of the fact you've been beautifully knitted. Tidy needlework Pat Rawcliffe - you sure know how to knit a good ram.

ppppppick up a panda


It's nice to open a package of hats and find a Panda staring up at you. Not an actual Panda, of course. That could have been quite dangerous. And we'd never have managed to fit it onto one of our bottles. But a hat-sized Panda was lovely to see. So a big thank you to this week's hat of the week winner, Sandy Goss from Dunblane, for sending us this adorable little hat.

everybody needs one


Selina Burgess from Leeds wanted to know what we thought of her knitting creation, Mr Tash. Well Selina, in an ideal world, we'd all have a Mr Tash. Watching over us, making us hot milk before bed, holding doors open for us - nothing would be too much trouble for Mr Tash. Because Mr Tash is strong. Mr Tash is kind. Mr Tash is wise. And Mr Tash looks like a cross between Mr Ben and Mr Miyagi. To top it all, he's also hat of the week. What a guy.