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get your trowels out

The grey days are a bit less grey and the hot water bottle isn't seeing as much action as it used to. It can only mean one thing: winter is on the way out and spring is in. 

This week we've been braving the spidery corner of the shed and unearthing our spade and fork set so we can start messing about in the garden. That's how we came across this handy infographic from Wayfair, which is a guide to growing your own superfoods:

Grow Your Own Superfoods

There's no excuse not to pack in the globe artichoke and goji berries now. In fact, we might put a word in with the ladies in our products kitchen and see if we can borrow their blender. The next big smoothie recipe, we reckon.

How to grow mint

Ah, mint. Wonderful stuff. The main ingredient of two of life's biggest necessities: toothpaste and mojitos. So, how about growing your own? Money Matters at Sainsbury's have come up with this handy guide that'll have you minted in no time:



Veg growing cheat sheet

Vegetable growing in your own back garden/on your windowsill can be as tricky as it is tasty (we've all felt the innate sadness of a wilting cabbage). Thank goodness, then, for this beautiful infographic made by Anglian Home which tells you what goes where, when and how. You can't go wrong (well, you can, but maybe it'll be the good kind of wrong where all the tomatoes just turn out looking like trumpets). 

UK housing energy fact file infographic

Now, armed with your new veg growing knowledge, go forth and salad. We believe in you.