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iron ore


Five minutes walk from Fruit Towers, just past Buchanan's (our nearest sandwich shop), is an ironing shop. It's got nice bunting outside (we like bunting) and a big sign in the window saying ironing. I went to investigate today and found it did just what it says on the tin, or window. There was a nice lady inside with an iron, an ironing board and lots of piles of ironing. It smelt of that nice warm fresh washing smell, like when you were home sick from school and your mum was doing the ironing.

The lady told me it was £1.25 a shirt. You bring it, she irons it, you pick it up and pay for it. Simple as that. She’s definitely keeping her main thing her main thing. No wi-fi or free broadband while you wait. Just ironing.

I’m going to take in the shirts I never wear because I could never be bothered to iron them later this week. I’ll let you know how they come out.

sweet dreams


We are very impressed that Travelodge have hired a Director of Sleep. He will be responsible for testing mattress tension and pillow density, as well as writing a "dream plan" that every guest can follow.

What a great job. If you know of any better ones, please let us know.

As seen in The Independent

Rainforest 1 Burgers 0


A big environmental issue getting press recently is the deforestation of the Amazon to make space for illegally grown soya, the majority of which is shipped to Europe to act as cattle feed for processed meat products. In other words, we're chopping down the rainforest to make cheap burgers - not sure I fancy having to explain that one to the grandkids.

Enter Greenpeace, who manage to turn the forces of capitalism back on itself by pressuring MacDonalds to kick their supplier, Cargill, into touch over how the soya is grown. The result; a universal agreement across all UK supermarkets and fast food chains that every bit of soya now has to have its origin certified and none will be bought from deforested land. You've got to love those crazy rainbow warriors. Read more here,,1834832,00.html.

Now that's what I call a good idea vol II

A little bit of Thailand comes to Brighton, with the advent of the UK's first tuctuc service Worth checking out if you're ever popping down to London-on-Sea to show off your knobbly knees. I like the fact they run on compressed natural gas (almost emission free) and they've made their filling station open to anyone who wants to buy this sort of fuel. Hopefully another little step in the right direction for our favourite little planet.

the magic of ebay

I didn't know that ebay did this, but I guess lots of you might. Anyway, there's no harm in sharing. We got an email yesterday saying that someone has put a mobile phone up for auction and has chosen to donate 10% of the auction proceeds to the innocent foundation (our charity).

What a great thing. What a great person. Apparently it's all very easy - you just select the option to give a bit (or all) of the auction proceeds when entering details of your item. And there's a third party company called Missionfish who make it all possible.

Thank you ebay. Thank you Missionfish. And especially well done anonymous ebay seller.