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jamie and his magic camera


Here's Jamie with his camera. He's posing a bit, but don't let that put you off. Jamie is a director/cameraman/editor extraordinaire. If ever we need a little film making, we turn to Jamie and his friends at Brand and Deliver. They're really good. There's no fuss, no high art drama. Just a bit of a laugh and some great films at the end of it.

Today Jamie was in to shoot a little film about Supergran. We should have it to show you soon.


We have just discovered a nice little clothing company on the internet. Ilk industries was set up in Edinburgh last year and they seem to be doing things right - lots of sweatshop-free, limited edition prints for all you smart people to wear down at the disco/in the back garden, just like Jonathan and Nicky below.


Now then, Ilk would like you, the innocent blog reader, to help them work out what to put on the next batch of t-shirts. Click here to vote goat (or not).

On another note, and just to prove what a nice bunch they are, Colin from Ilk has sent us in some of his recent fridge poetry. High art indeed.


how to be an entrepreneur

We're all in favour of a bit of entrepreneurial spirit, so we're glad to link to Make Your Mark, a campaign that is endeavouring to create a culture of enterprise amongst those aged 14-20 across the UK.

The website enables people to list and promote any events that they are organising and there's a blog to help people learn a bit more and spread the word.

That's all for now.

the mighty bag

This post will appear on the blog while we are spending a day away from Fruit Towers, trying to think of some good stuff to make and do next year (the planning seems to start earlier every year).

So I just wanted to highlight one thing that won't be changing in 2007, and that's the fact that this bag will still be here.


I think I bought this bag in 1999, which makes it seven years old, and also makes it as old as innocent. It's been all over the place - Africa, America, Kensal Green - and has never let me down. It has never broken, it's kept my stuff dry, it's carried computers and cash and cauliflowers from one place to the next, without complaint.

In the time I've owned it, I've had lots of pairs of socks and trainers come and go; I've got married, become a dad and lived in three or four different houses. And the bag has been there all the time, doing its job and minding its own business.

So in our planning session for 2007, I will be invoking the bag, as an example of well-made stuff that does its job and outlasts the competition. If we can come up with a few ideas that work as well and last as long as the bag, we'll be doing OK.