Thoughts from category: good business

return of the bag

Dan wrote a post about his bag a while ago and now it's my turn.

The zip on my trusted Eastpak broke before Christmas after a few year's good use. Much like Dan I was quite attached to my bag after it had accompanied me to Japan, Ghana, China, Tibet and various places in Europe. Then I remembered that Eastpak are so confident in their product that they offer a 30 year standard warranty on all their bags, so after filling out a form on their website I posted my broken bag back to them.


Sure enough this week I got a nice parcel from Eastpak. What I quite liked was that rather than send me a brand new bag they had sewn a new zip into my old bag (I recognised the fluff and tat at the bottom). Both logic and sustainability would point to fixing the original problem - if only 5% of the something is broken then fix that 5% rather than bin 95% and start again.

They left my bag better than they found it.

euro prize

Marijntje (in the middle) collects the trophy

We won a prize. We think it's the first prize we've one for being a good European (as opposed to British) company, so we are naturally getting excited and doing a whoopee dance.

Specifically, the prize was the European Business Award for Growth Strategy. After winning the regional and national heats at the end of last year, we were up against some big guns like EDF Energy and O2 this time around. We did very well to win.

Niels and Marijntje from our Dutch office went to pick up the award. Here's a picture of Niels trying to break it during the train ride home.


now you see it, now you don't


Please say hello to our new eco bottle. It's our first ever bottle to be made from a 100% renewable source (corn), uses no plastic at all (hence no oil or gas) and is manufactured in a carbon neutral process. What's more, it's totally compostable, as our Claire's dad demonstrates in the pictures above.

Peter (Claire's dad) managed to completely break down 2 eco bottles in about 10 weeks in a controlled experiment at the bottom of his garden. And it follows that more composting means less landfill, which can only be a good thing.

We're trialling the eco bottle with our new breakfast smoothie at present but we hope to be able to swap all our bottles over in the future. Read more about our clever new bottle in this Q&A.