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anthony the catapulp champion

For the past 2 weeks we've been hosting a Catapulp game on our website. Competition has been fierce but there can only be one winner: Anthony, who scored a total of 6202 oranges.

110706-catapulp champion

We didn't think it was humanly possible to reach such a high score so we invited Anthony to come in to our office to prove his skills in person on our big screen. It was a grand moment. Passers-by in the kitchen were mesmerised by his skills and lots of pieces of toast got burnt.

Picture 006

Check out his skills here:

play fun games and win exciting prizes


We've just made a brand new website for kids celebrating the second lot of free magnets we're giving away in special packs. Some of you may remember our big game of consequences last year which we created to celebrate the first ever magnets. Well this year we listened to lost of feedback about what kids like and it quickly became clear it's all about games, games, games. And prizes for playing the games.

So we've made 6 great games presented by each of the members of the innocent kids gang; The Dude, Ed, Chef, Specs, Bounce and Nature Girl. Play them all here and look out for the new magnet designs in special packs of our innocent smoothies for kids in the shops now.







the inaugural game of knitted mummies

Knitter natter, pitter patter - that's the sound of 620,000 behatted smoothies, squeezies and veg pots making their woolly way to a Sainsbury's near you.


Okay, so that's not an actual representation of the sound of bottles being delivered to stores but budget sound affects aside, the Big Knit goes live this week.

To celebrate the sixth year of this crocheted campaign (and to keep that Halloween feeling going that little bit longer), Gurdeep organised a massive game of Knitted Mummies.

We say organsied.


He also invented, devised and orchestrated the whole affair.

Here's how to play if you've got a spare half hour and 200 balls of wool kicking about.

Knitted Mummies


What you need

Loads of wool

A captive audience (preferably first thing on a Monday morning)

Some wannabe mummies

A novelty charity single


Cast on

Step 1: Assign each team as many balls of wool as they can carry and make them each nominate a mummy dummy.

Wind it

Step 2: Allow them to cast on/tie the wool to their mummy but do not let the winding commence until the song has started.


Step 3: Give them the duration of the Big Knit Choir's Christmas single There's No One Quite Like Grandma to completely wrap their team mate in wool.

Hands of wool

Extra points for woollen boxing gloves and novelty hats

Woolly not impressed

Step 4: Find a genuine mummy-to-be to judge the final line up (thanks, Judge Emma G)

Mummy parade

Step 5: Award prizes appropriately.

The Mumrah Award for most Unrecognisable Mummy: Caroline

Most unrecognisable

Special Commendation for Double Wrap Tag Team: Mav and Steve

Double mummy

Double mummy

Special 40th Birthday Mummy Prize: Daverah


Step 6: Unravel your mummies, wind all the wool back into neat balls and put it all back in the lorry you nicked it from.


The Big Knit is instore from this week for all of November so if you fancy a fast wool-n-fruit fix, get yourself down your local Sainsbury's and bag your self some proper Big Knit bounty pronto.

consequences, consequences

Pen. Paper. Scribble. Fold. Pass. Scribble some more. Repeat.

This is consequences, old school.


And this is our very own brand new on line version of consequences for kids, using our kids' magnets as inspiration.


Francesca Simon (author of the Horrid Henry books) has written 26 opening lines to 26 stories and the idea is that kids continue the stories by adding a new line.

Then, everyday at 4 o'clock, we pick the winning lines and then the whole thing starts again. There are prizes galore not to mention the chance to have your line in the final story.

What will happen to the quacking pig?

How will the Queen get King Herbert back for tying a knot in her knickers?

And will PC Billings, the baked goods expert, ever find the biscuit burglars?

You decide.

To play, all you need to do is click here.