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that was the weekend that was



What a weekend. You came, you saw, you did a funny little dance. Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who made it down to the park and made our festival a truly great and busy thing.

We reckon about 150,000 people came to Fruitstock over the weekend, and everyone seemed to have a great time. There will be more pictures and stuff posted on the official site in the next few days, but for now, we will say thanks once again and then go and have a lie down in a dark corner.

PS if you've got any photos that you want to share, please pop them into this flickr group and tag all your pics with 'fruitstock' so that we can have a good look at them all.


building a festival


Nipped down to the park this morning to see the Fruitstock prep. Looks like it'll be ready for people to enjoy tomorrow. The stage is pretty much done. The speaker stacks arc over the main arena this year, which means that the music sounds better for the crowd, whilst at the same time not annoying the neighbours too much.


Daisy is pretty busy. She's the Fruitstock organiser and is unloading lorries, taking phone calls and messing with her walkie-talkie.


Dom, the producer, has done all of our previous festivals. He had time to pose for this lovely photo.


This is Dom's hut. Everything at the festival is controlled from this humble laptop. That's what he told me anyway.


And the programme has been printed. It looks hot. Weather forecast is OK too. See you in the park.

busy busy busy busy that even the thought of a full and considered post is beyond us. Fruitstock has consumed our lives, the office is running on those little espresso capsules and it's time to go home. Still, quite sunny outside.

Forecast for Fruitstock weekend is pretty good too. No rain. That's what the BBC says. Going to nip down to the park in the morning to take some pictures of what a festival looks like the day before it happens. Lots of men with spanners and walkie talkies. Probably.

More tomorrow.

let them eat cake

There are only 4 days left until the opening of Fruitstock 06 and, nearly as importantly, only 4 days left until the opening of the innocent homemade cake stall™. Everyone at innocent has got their flour and eggs at the ready and their ovens set to stand by. Hannah’s even organised a mass 'bake off' here at Fruit Towers on Thursday night, so we may need to take the batteries out of the smoke alarms for a couple hours. Once again, this year we're inviting you all to join us in our baking bonanza and to bring along your best efforts to the cake stall in the 'come and say hello' innocent area at Fruitstock (just follow the signposts).

To give you a little inspiration, take a look at Rachel Mount's wonderful cake creations here (a cross between Madame Tussauds and Wallace and Grommit).