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last night

If you were watching telly last night and giving Hotel Babylon a miss, you might have seen something on the other side about the way that companies make claims about products. Professor Regan from BBC2's Horizon came into Fruit Towers to talk to us about our superfoods range and investigate the science behind the word 'superfood'.

We had a good chat with the Professor, and put forward our point of view, which is that all fruit and veg is amazing, and that there are certain fruits that have extra, measurable benefits, and they are the ones that we call super. Professor Regan’s opinion was that the fruits we call 'super' are nutritious, good for you and should be eaten, but there was no empirical evidence to support the name 'superfood'. We also went on to say that whilst people still don't understand exactly how and why fruit is so amazing (because the scientific research in this area is all quite new), one thing is clear: fruit and veg is good for you, and we should all eat more. And everyone, from the World Health Organisation to Professor Regan to us, agrees on that.

If you did miss Hotel Babylon, Alan Davies played a celebrity chef called Otto Clark and there was a joke featuring a lobster.

how do you like them bananas

Top bananas at a Rainforest Alliance credited farm we visited.

Bananas are hands down the worlds most popular fruit. They are the most important food crop after rice, wheat and maize. That's a pretty important role to play.

Seeing as bananas are so important, and that we use them as an ingredient in all of our smoothies, we like to make sure we choose exactly the right ones. That not only means choosing the freshest, best quality and best tasting yellow fellows, we also insist that they are all sourced to highest possible ethical standards.

That's why we only use Rainforest Alliance certified bananas found with the help of our friend Carlos.

In order to be credited by the Rainforest Alliance banana growers have to meet a set of important ethical standards which are put in place to help protect communities and the environment. They then get to use the below stamp and become a potential innocent smoothie banana.


All of this means that you can rest assured that the bananas in your smoothie are helping to protect workers rights and the local environment where they are produced. Not to mention they're damn tasty and good for you.

how do you make a smoothie innocent?

We're back on the telly again this month (as we hinted a few weeks ago) with our new ad 'how do you make a smoothie innocent?'

You can watch it above or watch it here if you'd prefer to see it a bit bigger and a bit better quality. It's all about our drinks and what makes them special (the fruit and the fine people who help us to find our ingredients and create our smoothies, in case you were wondering).

This version stars our friend Carlos from the Rainforest Alliance who has been helping us to find more and more Rainforest Alliance certified fruit, including bananas, pineapples and oranges. You can find out a bit more about how we work with the Rainforest Alliance here if you like.

We hope you like the ad. Let us know what you think if you have a second to spare.