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the fruit gallery

Every year our Fruit team have an in-house competition to take the best photos whilst out and about, sourcing the globe for the finest fruits to go in our smoothies.

There are currently around 189 categories in the competition(so that Simon can win at least one of them) and we thought you might like to see a few of the winners.

There's the best photo of fruit on and off the tree

Fruit on tree

(Cherries taken by Rozanne)


(Bananas taken by Atha)

The best photo of a team member at leisure

SL - Best Fruit Member at Leisure

(Sam in Verona)

Fruit team member at leisure

(Dan with the pizza machete)

And the best photo taken from moving car window (to mention but a few)

Car window

(Taken by Simon somewhere in Florida)

We're going to be putting together an online gallery of all their best shots so you can find out a bit more about the stories around the fruit we use. So make sure you keep watching this space.

For now though, here's the overall winning photo from the 2009 competition

SL - Best OVERALL - I love you Ceri

It's of one of our apple growers, Christian (he's the one infront of the tractor, holding the apple, just to right of the shaggy haired fellow) and was taken by our Siobhan (pictured below)

More to come from our budding Rankins and David Bailey's very very soon.

Water-way to ring in the New Year


London has Big Ben, Sydney the Harbour Bridge and New York has a giant ball. However, folk in Vincennes, Indiana have a slightly different focal point when it comes to seeing in their New Year. They drop a whole load of watermelons from one giant watermelon. The act can be caught in all its glory here. And if watermelons are you thing, then you should definitely check out this site. They even have a Watermelon Queen.

Thanks to Ingrid for getting in touch, her Dad for the film and Evansville Courier & Press for the photo.

if you go down to the woods today

And those woods happen to be in Poland, you might find a forest floor filled with blueberries

Blueberry morning

Rozanne and Dan have just returned from a berry sourcing adventure across Eastern Europe, where they tasted an array of berry shaped fruit.


Howver, before they got to actually taste any berries, they first had several mini adventures along the way.

Berry carpet

After being greeted by a dog on the runway, hiring a car that sounded like a hairdryer and picking up a speeding ticket in the first twenty minutes of driving, they then got hideously lost (thanks to a self-programming sat nav system) and had to wait by some woods in the middle of the night for our suppliers to pick them up.


When our suppliers finally arrived, Rozanne and Dan were then driven through pitch black forests at 180kph in a blacked out Audi, plied with vodka, potatoes and breadcrumbed meat and made to sing along to Russian pop. And that's not even taking into account the 7 hour border crossing, rigourous strip search (of the blowdrying car) and more money changing hands they had to endure, all in the name of finding the best berries for our smoothies.

It was all worth it when they got there though as they got to taste loads of berries and meet this excellent chap

Blueberry bill

He is in charge of about twenty or so berry collection points, which is where all the farmers turn up each day, in Fiat Pandas laden with fruit to be sent further afield.

Collection point

Here are Dan and Rozanne sampling some berries

Dan and rozanne

And here they are post berry-buying-vodka-toasting-high-speed-driving-traffic-police-bribing antics, playing catch up kip.

Disco kip

Berry buying at it's finest.

mango time


Atha, Siobhan and Sustainability Jess have just come back from a mango sourcing trip to India and they brought some back for us all to try.


The mangoes we use in our smoothies are called Alphonso mangoes (after a chap called Alphonso De Albuquerque who used to buy loads of them whenever he was in Goa). We use them for their velvety texture, delicate aroma and extremely fragrant taste. You don't tend to find them in the supermarket that often as their skin is very delicate but you can occasionally find them in little shops. If you're lucky.

According to Siobhan, once you've tasted an Alphonso, you can never go back.

To other mangoes that is.

Not to work/your desk/that report you're meant to have finished yesterday.

Mango chat