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eating in season - an innocent guide

We don’t just love fruit and veg professionally. We've got a few keen gardeners in Fruit Towers (Gareth even has an allotment) so we've put together a quick guide to what’s currently in season so, if you’re also thinking of growing your own, you’ll know the best place to start. 

It's good for you, it's good for the planet, it's more natural and, what's more, it's cheaper. Besides all that, it doesn't feel right eating strawberries when it's cold out. This is how it starts. One day you’re having strawberries when it’s below freezing, the next you’re celebrating Christmas in the sun and getting far too hot in your Father Christmas jumper. It’s not worth the trouble. Wait until summer for strawberries, it’s the only thing keeping your annual timeline intact. 

The Ultimate veg growing cheat sheet

We've posted about Anglian Home's veg growing cheat sheets before because they are the best veg growing cheat sheets of all the veg growing cheat sheets that are probably out there. But the new veg growing cheat sheet they've come up with has blown all of the other veg growing cheat sheets out of the water.

You can let it know where you are and where you're going to be growing the veg so it can personalise a plan just for you.

So go. Sow. Grow. Low.

Hard to beet

Bacon and maple syrup. Batman and Robin.  John and Edward. We all know that it's strangely satisfying when odd and unexpected things match each other perfectly, so when Briony sent us this photo of her skip to the beet fruit and veg juice perfectly complementing her shoes this week, we rejoiced. 


We asked Briony if we could share the photo of this burgundy-coloured miracle on our blog. She replied "Really? Haven't you got anything better to write about?" Clearly not everyone appreciates a perfect colour match when they see one.

cold off the press

For ages we've been craving healthy fruit and veg juices with no unpronounceable additives that actually taste properly good and fresh. Happily, we work for a juice company. So we made a couple. They're called easy greens and skip to the beet, they're cold pressed and they're delicious – even tastier than the ones you might make at home (if you had the time to dust off the juicer and buy the ingredients and do all of that peeling and chopping and stuff).

Both are available in selected Starbucks stores now (more places coming soon) so now there's no excuse not to eat/drink your greens/pinks.