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friends in high places


We feel quite popular today as 10,000 people have decided to become friends with us on our facebook page. That feels like quite a lot of people to us. More than you you can fit into fruit towers in one go anyway. We can't tell you who our 10,000th friend was as we weren't watching at that point unfortuanetly. You are all as special as each other to us though.

Here's to 12,250. I don't know why that many, it just seems quite a monumental number as well. We'll let you know when we get there. If you fancy helping us along our way, and we're not hooked up already, you can link us up here.

new batteries


As you might remember we won a Barclays Green Leaders in Business Award the other week. Our friends at Moixa Energy, inventors of energy saving power devices, also won an award for their clever little USB rechargeable battery USBCELL. The folk over at Moixa Energy have very kindly offered to give away 5 packs of their USBCELLs. All they want to know is what’s the invention you most wished you’d thought of?

Leave your answers as a comment to this post by 9am next Monday (29th Sept). Don't forget to fill in your email address so that they can get in contact with you if you win, it won't be displayed with the comment don't worry.

This competition is now closed. Our friends at Moixa Energy are going to judge all the entries and we'll then let you know the winners. Stay tuned.

cheese cake

Our Dutch office received a lovely cake from some nice people (who run an exclusive cheese shop in Amsterdam) as a thank you for inviting them along to our fete last weekend.


Johan (the dashing animated looking chap in the glasses) was extremely impressed by their wonderful manners, extremely excited by the prospect of cake and only the tiniest bit disappointed that the cake wasn't made entirely from cheese.


mystery veg

the innocent village fete

We like vegetables. So we’re very excited to have the people from Riverford come along to our fete this year. What they don’t know about veg isn’t worth the forking manure, and we consider them to be a key partner in our quest to help people eat slightly fewer sausage rolls and a bit more fruit and veg.

As part of this quest, Riverford would like you to bring your strangely shaped veg to our fete. Wonky carrots, bulbous onions and courgettes that look like the Dalai Lama – all are welcome. The best ones will win a prize and be shown off in the Riverford tent. Or you can just post a photo of your weird veg here.

Also, we have a small competition for you. Just name the vegetables below (proper Latin names please, as well as their everyday names) and you can win one of three fancy boxes of Riverford fruit and veg. Post your answers as a comment, along with a tie-breaker – a maximum of 15 words completing the following phrase - "I love wonky veg because............"

Good luck (deadline is the end of this Friday 25th July).

Mystery veg 1


Mystery veg 2