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join our wall of peace

When we first started blogging back in 2006 we mentioned Peace One Day in a very early post. We've always been very big fans of Peace One Day and their founder Jeremy Gilley's simple but inspiring vision of "if you build a house you start with one brick, if we want to build peace why not start with one day?".

So this year along with the return of one of our most popular recipes peaches & raspberries we're helping to spread the world of Peace One Day by making a limited edition Peace One Day smoothie. Look out for them in the shops and wear the free badge that comes with every little bottle with pride.


And you can help to spread the word of Peace One Day too by simply joining our innocent wall of peace website in a couple of clicks here and then telling all your friends.


Here's to Jeremy and his small team and their ongoing mission of peace.

as happy as a pig...drinking smoothie...

We love eggs.

We love Ian at Treflach Farm. He makes eggs (not him, obviously, the chickens).

Ian with chicken

Not only does Ian look after chickens, he looks after pigs too. This makes Ian a very busy man.

Not only does Ian look after chickens and pigs, he also finds the time to teach young'uns about how to look after our environment and how to play nice with animals.

Imagine how busy Ian is.

So being the nice folk we are, we decided to help Ian feed his pigs.


Was this enough?

Scarey doggy
Apparently not.

To avoid overfeeding smoothies to Ian's pigs (apparently they're just like us and don't like too much of the same thing) and to try and make the doggie relax a little bit, we needed a new way to help.

Luckily for us, Ian and the amazing team at Treflach Farm have already got a few ideas of their own so we decided it best for us to piggy back (sorry) one of theirs instead .

We love the idea of educating others about the birds, the bees, the flowers and the trees. After all, they're making the world a little bit of a better place for all of us.

Guard doggie

Behind the scariest dog in the world lies a classroom that Ian and the folk at Treflach could use to run classroom sessions in but it needed a little revamp to get it ship shape.

Now, DIY isn't exactly our forte at innocent but we are pretty handy at fundraising. So with a raffle to win tickets to stay, that's right, stay at Treflach (fancy it?) and a BBQ, we managed to raise a pot of cash to help get the classroom on its way.

How was the BBQ?

Delicious. Treflach's finest of course.

How's the classroom?

Shiney floor classroom


With the classroom ready and waiting for its first pupils in September, we thought it best to let Ian and the gang get back to what they're good at (which is pretty much everything they do) while we get back to what we're good at, making smoothies for everyone - animals included.

So far for piggies we're working on a mud and orange peel recipe.

The monkey range is looking like nuts and bananas, papaya and bananas or simply bananas and bananas.

If you've got any better ideas, post them below and the best one will win a case of our smoothies and a special mystery prize.

(Please note we don't advise you feeding your pets or any other animals smoothies. This is for mild amusement purposes only. We don't get out much).

a seven minute interview with the worlds oldest man (in the making)

long live Alex

Our official world record contender Alex Horne was on BBC 6Music this morning talking for a whole seven minutes about his attempt to become the world's oldest man.


To listen to Alex chatting on the telephone, to a radio station, at the last minute, just click here and then fast forward to 52:30. Long live ye Alex.

hairy fruititioners

When we're not working making smoothies, looking for elephants, or building vegetable gardens, we also enjoy running around fields in Pilton (care of Michael Eavis) dancing along to Shakira*, playing with Germanic ladyboys underneath tube-carriage wrecks**, and wearing amusing things on our heads***

Glasto 1

Ruth won the competition with her sly blonde tash

Glasto 2

Though Charlie and Olly's double-team meant that he was mistaken for ZZ Top (who weren't actually on the bill, which led to further confusion)

Glasto 5

Caroline and Joe went for a cowby-come-bandito look whilst rocking it out to Muse (what else would you wear to thrashing electro-guitar?)

Glasto 3

Tom was mistaken for a disguised Michael Bolton

Glasto 7

Joe channelled the hippy love and got lost between Paul Mcartney and the Beach Boys

Glasto 8

And then Lady Gaga made a surprise appearance (or so Oli would like to believe)

Glasto 9

Of course, it wasn't all just hairplay and braiding, and we tried to ensure that everyone made it to their five-a-day. Don't you think that Florence's guitarist is enjoying himself a pineapple, bananas and coconuts smoothie here?

Glasto 6

*cannot confirm that all of us enjoy this said past time

** same again

***totally confirmed