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popcorn prizes

To celebrate our Mini Movies winning movie, our friends at Diva snacks have very kindly given us some free boxes of their natural, healthy popcorn to giveaway to 10 lucky winners.


Every bag is under 100kcal, air popped (which is much better than oil fryed) and there are 4 tasty recipes to choose from (Sweet Chipotle Chilli, Rock Salt, 3 Cheese and Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar)


All you need to do to bagsy yourself a box for you and your friends is tell us what your diva demand would be below.

Fresh towels in your dressing room, only yellow vegetables, no eye contact from waiting staff, that sort of thing.

Post your answers below by Wednesday 25th and we'll announce the winners here then.

Big well dones to last week’s competition winners Steve B, Wendy B, Lauren L, Jane, Heather, Pauline, Mrs. Shelley and Jo. Boxes of Diva popcorn winging their way to very soon.

operation doh

If you live in Bristol and haven't made your lunch yet for tomorrow, then get this mission int your diary


The chaps at Thoughtful and howies are putting on a free picnic of a tasty sandwich (from Bristol based Friska cafe) and one of our smoothies to help promote Real Bread Maker Week via the wonder that is Doh Boy.


Doh Boy's mission in life is to campaign for bread to be made without any added fat or any other weird stuff.

You can find out more here or by going along to the picnic.

First 150 people there get free lunch.

So hotfoot it over there for midday tomorrow or you'll just be left with the crumbs.

totally mint


Having taken the world of natural gum by storm, our friends Dan and Mike at Peppersmith are now branching out into mints that are as kind to your teeth as your breath.

They've very nicely sent us a few boxes to give away.

All you need to do to bagsy yourself one is answer this simple question

Peppersmith Mints

Peppersmith's Fresh Mints are accredited by which of the following reputable organisations?

a) The British Dental Health Foundation

b) The Max Factor Foundation

c) The Derek Zoolander Foundation for Kids Who Can't Read Good

One lucky winner will win a special Peppersmith t-shirt as well as the mints whilst 10 runners up will all receive a box of minty goodness.

Just post your answers as a comment below by Tuesday 17th May.

And in case you thought Dan and Mike might have missed a trick with their mints and the recent royal nuptials, check out their right royal tribute here.


Thanks to everyone who entered. Big well done to Tom. Tshirt and minty goodness on its way to you very soon along with mints for Jen L,Matt M, Rajen, Claire B, Nikki C, Cari, Greg W, Laura, Martin P and Elizabeth S.

new year, new stuff

A big well done to Louise W, Samantha KF, Kerry D, Tracey T, Flora R, JJ, Laura B, Helen W, David M and Simon W. Late January salvation on its way to you right now.

Resolutions starting to wobble? Biscuit tin serenading you? Need steering back onto the 'new you' track?


We've got 10 'New Year, New You' (TM) packs to give away, packed full of good stuff to help you get back on that straight and slender path including:

  • A boxful of tasty porridge from the nice ladies at Grasshopper (to warm up the chilly mornings and get you through to lunchtime) Porridge ladies
  • An Action Diary and some uplifting pencils to keep you organised and motivated from the folk at We Are What We Do



  • And a handful of veg pot and smoothie vouchers to help you through the perilous waters of snacking and lunchtime occasions.

Add in 52 star jumps and a stir fry for tea and you're sorted.

To bagsy a box, just tell us how the best thing that has happened so far in this shiny new year.

Post your answers below by Tuesday 18th January and make 2011 the year where you eat better, do better and maybe end up looking like Joe.


Oh yes.

laundry love

Our friends over at method have very kindly given us 30 bottles of their new laundry detergent to give away to make your smalls sing and help spread the clean, green word.


To win yourself a bottle (and some brownie points from your washing machine), just tell us your favourite way to get your clothes dirty below.

We'll then pick the winners out of an oversized laundry basket on Monday 1st November.

No rude/illegal entries please. It's a family show after all.