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what's your method?

David, Tom, Louise and Sarah from method popped in yesterday to tell us a bit more about what they do and to see what we could learn from each other.


If you've not come across method before, they make lovely smelling, eco friendly cleaning products which don't contain any horrible chemicals or toxic substances, are kind to the planet and clean your house up a treat.


They very nicely brought along some of their new products for us to try out and a special recycled goodie bag to give away. It contains a copy of their brand new book Squeaky Green (which isn't out properly for another couple of weeks) as well as a sackful of green, cleaning stuff for your house.

To win the goodie bag, all you need to do is tell us what your 'dirty little cleaning secret' is by next Monday and then Tom from method will pick the best answer.

Don't forget to keep it cleaning related, though. There's mucky and then there's just plain rude.

this week's 'most special visitor' award goes to...

Preston and Malin, two of Brackenbury Primary School's finest who came to visit us this very afternoon.


They'd both had a really busy week preparing for 'Proms in the Playground' hence the rather natty head gear. Malin intends to spend the weekend 'just chilling' and Preston is excited about a prospective trip to see 'The Lord of the Rings'. Two fine ideas for those of you still lacking plans for the weekend.

get to glasto the green way

Our friends over at Greenpeace are running a competition to win some tickets to this year's Glastonbury Festival.


All you have to do is add their Greener Glastonbury Giveaway application to your Facebook page and invite your friends to do the same. The more friends you encourage to sign up, the more chances you'll have at spending the last weekend in June eating falafel porridge and watching Jay-Z in your wellies. And you'll have supported a very good cause at the same time.

Greenpeace have got some great tips on how to have a Greener Glastonbury including sharing a shower with your friend. Other considerate behaviour at festivals includes:

  • Not wearing a big cowboy hat if you're over 5'10
  • Leaving the ghetto blaster at home
  • Keeping an empty water bottle handy in your tent as an emergency late night portaloo (better than peeing in a stream)

And avoiding the special fudge.

You've got until Sunday 15th June to add as many friends as you can, so go break your social networking bone, pronto.

save the children


We sent some drinks over to Save The Children last week, and as part of their Save The Children week, they sold them and raised £400.

Save The Children have just launched an emergency appeal in response to the Burma cyclone. They've already got 500 people on the ground and tonnes and tonnes of food and other aid being delivered. So if you feel like donating your lunch money to some people who really need it, click here.

gardens up for grabs


Box o' veg

A few weeks ago we met Mike from Rocket Gardens. Mike and friends grow little organic seedlings and send them off in bio-degradable pots to people that want to have a go a growing their own veg. It's pretty simple; you buy a voucher from them, and they send you the box straight to your door when the baby plants are ready to be put in the ground. And a few weeks later you'll have your very own mini allotment full of veg and salad leaves. Lovely.

What's even lovelier is that Mike would like to give three gardens away, just in time for Mother's Day (yes, it's this Sunday).

To win a garden for your Mum, just share with us the wisest thing she ever told you. Answers on a postcard (or as a comment) by 2pm on Thursday.

Good luck


A Rocket Gardens voucher


Mike and Claudia watering the lettuces