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citrus celebrations

If you're wondering why the shop down the road's out of lemons and panicking about what to put on your pancakes tonight, then you'd better hot foot it over to Menton, in the South of France, where if you're very careful and exceptionally good at Jenga, you'll be able to pluck a couple from one of these constructions.


Lemon elephant

Lemon house

we found a little queue of people at St Pancras

Eurostar 4

So we decided to take them some drinks.

Eurostar 2

Along with a free smoothie to fill the gap and keep their spirits high, we gave them some spudokus (don't ask) and the veg challenge to amuse and mentally stimulate them. Or at least hopefully distract them from the wait ahead.

Fingers crossed they got home OK for Christmas.

je t'aime

This happy lady is called Claire.

Claire is from France but is currently studying in the UK.

Claire is looking so happy because she can now not only get her hands on every single recipe we make whenever she likes but she can also enjoy our veg pots.

She likes to eat them twice a week, on Mondays and Wednesdays.

So if you're due round for tea on either of those nights, you know what's on the menu

our new french recipe book

We've just had our recipe book translated into French.


We thought it might be a straightforward translation job, but no. Lots of our questionable 'jokes' and cultural references needed to be rewritten (thanks Matt) and we came up with some new recipes too, especially for the cultured French palate.


We kept the wee-o-meter in though. Everyone needs to wee, even the French. It's now known as the pipi-o-metre.


our new paris office


Our new Paris office was officially opened this week. Philippe (the boss) wore a silly hat and cut the ceremonial innocent bunting, which is how things are done in France. The office is in this nice courtyard, where the gnomes roam free:


Our Emilie in Paris says "It is beautiful and high ceilinged, spacious, in a grand Parisian building. We have so many rooms we are getting lost inside and might need to invest in microphones to avoid yelling at each other across the office. We miss our old concierge Maria but apart from that it’s really much better than the old place."