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world's biggest seed library

This place opened up in Norway last week


The Svalbard Global Seed Vault will be home to millions of different seed samples from all over the world to make sure that we can still grow all these plants should a natural disaster, plant disease or asteroid ever wipe them out.

It's good to know someone is thinking ahead.

last night

If you were watching telly last night and giving Hotel Babylon a miss, you might have seen something on the other side about the way that companies make claims about products. Professor Regan from BBC2's Horizon came into Fruit Towers to talk to us about our superfoods range and investigate the science behind the word 'superfood'.

We had a good chat with the Professor, and put forward our point of view, which is that all fruit and veg is amazing, and that there are certain fruits that have extra, measurable benefits, and they are the ones that we call super. Professor Regan’s opinion was that the fruits we call 'super' are nutritious, good for you and should be eaten, but there was no empirical evidence to support the name 'superfood'. We also went on to say that whilst people still don't understand exactly how and why fruit is so amazing (because the scientific research in this area is all quite new), one thing is clear: fruit and veg is good for you, and we should all eat more. And everyone, from the World Health Organisation to Professor Regan to us, agrees on that.

If you did miss Hotel Babylon, Alan Davies played a celebrity chef called Otto Clark and there was a joke featuring a lobster.

save our vegetables


The world's vegetables need your help. Traditional varieties are dying out, but never fear – you can save them. Simply adopt a vegetable at the Heritage Seed Library.

We've adopted a tomato called Texas Wild. Something about the name just made us think of cowboys and riding off into the sunset. But please don't let this be your motivation for adopting a rare variety. There aren't that many cowboy-themed veg varieties on the list.

You could choose the Walla Walla Sweet (onion), the Long Green Buddha (pepper) or the Lazy Housewife (climbing French bean). At £15, it's a snip.

giving them away

Hello to the folks in Newby (Scarborough) who we sent some drinks to recently. We said we'd post your pictures here, so we have.


We met these Yorkshire folk via some work we've been doing with School Friend, the largest charitable provider of childcare in the UK. Over 75% of their clubs are run in deprived areas and they're trying to improve the diet of the children in these areas by offering them a healthy eating programme. Hopefully our kids smoothies are helping a bit.