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colin, berti, tug boat and oysters

the innocent village fete


Please say hello to Colin (foreground), his cousin Berti (background) and their fine Scottish oysters*. Colin is our innocent representative up in Scotland. You might have seen him on our blog before presenting a retailer of the month award and riding a space hopper. Along with working for innocent Colin also does a nice little sideline in fresh oysters straight from his farm on Loch Creran, which he will be selling at our fete this weekend in the food market bit.

Colin and Berti call themselves the oyster boys, click back there to find out lots more about their oysters and peruse some photos of these strapping young Scottish chaps doing their stuff.

*Colin's brother 'Tug Boat', who often helps out with the oysters, isn't pictured here. Tug Boat is called Tug Boat "because he is a very powerful man and he builds tug boats and 'extreme support vessels' for a living. He also loves being in the sea. When sailing he gets excited and his voice is fog-horn like. These combined attributes resulted in him being termed the tug boat". So now you know.

entrepreneurial cooking


Recently I was on a roadtrip in Germany and stayed in the Ghotel in Frankfurt. I faced the challenge of cooking dinner with a hob, kettle and coffee maker at my disposal, but no pans.

I was quite pleased that the pasta worked out so well and that the outcome looked so appetising.


It reminded me of a chat I once had some friends over a pint in the pub. There was a lot of egg talk - frying one with an iron, poaching in the bath or the age-old boiling in a kettle. Simon came up with my favourite “toasties in the trouser press: cheese; cheese and beans; anything goes really”

By our Gemma, out in Germany.

mystery veg

the innocent village fete

We like vegetables. So we’re very excited to have the people from Riverford come along to our fete this year. What they don’t know about veg isn’t worth the forking manure, and we consider them to be a key partner in our quest to help people eat slightly fewer sausage rolls and a bit more fruit and veg.

As part of this quest, Riverford would like you to bring your strangely shaped veg to our fete. Wonky carrots, bulbous onions and courgettes that look like the Dalai Lama – all are welcome. The best ones will win a prize and be shown off in the Riverford tent. Or you can just post a photo of your weird veg here.

Also, we have a small competition for you. Just name the vegetables below (proper Latin names please, as well as their everyday names) and you can win one of three fancy boxes of Riverford fruit and veg. Post your answers as a comment, along with a tie-breaker – a maximum of 15 words completing the following phrase - "I love wonky veg because............"

Good luck (deadline is the end of this Friday 25th July).

Mystery veg 1


Mystery veg 2


whose cereal lives in a box like this?

Ours. That's whose.


Ladies and Gentlemen, I proudly present June's 'Cereal of the Month', nestled snuggly in its grassy topped box and brought to us courtesy of the lovely folks at Sharpham Park.

My 'Top 100 nutritious grains' almanac tells me that spelt is an ancient cousin of wheat, easy to digest and very good for you indeed. In its honey puffed form, it's not that dissimilar to a posh sugar puff and very tasty it is too.

Keep your eye's peeled for July's contender.