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a very grand opening

Parp parp.

The innocent 5 for 5 cafe is now officially open for business.

Last night, we had the opening party. And it was right old knees up.

Under the starlit branches of our portable orchard, posh cocktails made by our friends at Sipsmith were supped, fine ales from the chaps at The Camden Town Brewery quaffed and a canape frenzy ensued when the miniature dishes from Gizzi's menu began to waft past.

The welcome sign handcrafted by Aldworth James & Bond lit the way as guests entered through the mini secret door.


Upon entering, breaths were taken at the sight of the amazing lettuce wall made by Rocket Gardens.

Lettuce wall

Everyone then got a bit fidgety waiting for the canapes to arrive

Food blackboard

The excellent Dave Chandler Band provided the music for the evening.

Dave chandler band

(They're a quintet. Which is 5. Yep. We know)


Lots of people. Mingling. Having a good time. Having a chat. Keeping one eye out for the canapes.

Tansy and annika

And here are the two wonder ladies who pulled the whole thing together - Tansy and Annika - looking proper hot.

Joe M was there too. Looking for free stuff.

Tally canvas
Finally after everyone had drunk, eaten and chatted their full, they were given a party bag with a crumble for one to take home but not before leaving their mark on our massive 5 a day tally counter.

The cafe is now open for business and word on the street (Twitter) is that it is the place to be.

Hopefully see you down there.

rice and peas and other good things

Gav's mum did something very good for us. She cooked us a load of excellent Caribbean food. Rice and peas, curry goat, curry chicken, oxtail, festival (sort of like dumplings), macaroni and cheese, peanut chicken and a few more delights.


Photo 3

Photo 4

Photo 5

Gav says "I asked her to just because I think it's great people have all these great foods coming in for us at work so I thought I'd get mum to get involved, for years she's cooked for hundreds of people at our parties and we just take it for granted. She cooked it all the day before she flew to Jamaica and I told her on the phone how much everyone loved it. She's chuffed to bits."

win tickets to our cafe

We may have mentioned it before, but we're about to open a cafe. It's called the 5for5 cafe, and will be open for a week from this Friday 1st October, in the heart of London's slightly grubby yet hip Shoreditch.

There are a few tickets left if you fancy coming along and getting your 5-a-day for a fiver, as cooked by the delightful Gizzi Erskine. And we thought we'd dish out a couple of freebies for all of you reading this.


So, to win two tickets for dinner on Friday 8th October, just answer the simple question by leaving a comment and we'll pick a winner at random.

Which of the following vehicles has five wheels?

A. Bike

B. Tricycle

C. A car with a spare tyre in the boot

Good luck, and we'll see you at the cafe.

gingerbread building dilemma

Cake Club are undecided as to what to do for their special Christmas Cake Club.

Should they go to town and make an entire gingerbread village?


Or pool their collective baking prowess and make one massive gingerbread house (complete with ice cream cone turrets and brandy snap dovecote?)


Vote here to decide what the Christmas cake cheer should be.