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operation doh

If you live in Bristol and haven't made your lunch yet for tomorrow, then get this mission int your diary


The chaps at Thoughtful and howies are putting on a free picnic of a tasty sandwich (from Bristol based Friska cafe) and one of our smoothies to help promote Real Bread Maker Week via the wonder that is Doh Boy.


Doh Boy's mission in life is to campaign for bread to be made without any added fat or any other weird stuff.

You can find out more here or by going along to the picnic.

First 150 people there get free lunch.

So hotfoot it over there for midday tomorrow or you'll just be left with the crumbs.

scanwich anyone?

It's almost lunchtime and all we can think about is food. Really good, tasty food.

To make the next half hour all the more unbearable, someone just sent us a link to an amazing website called scanwiches. Take a look if you dare.

Thinly-sliced chorizo and manchego, on a pressed ciabatta

Scanwich 2
Roast beef, brie, tomatoes, greens, honey, dijon, on toasted french bread

Scanwich 3
Homemade roast beef, mustard, on a roll

If that hasn't inspired you to treat yourself this lunchtime, nothing will.

london coffee festival

We've got a stall at London's first coffee festival this weekend.

London Coffee Festival
If you like coffee, nice food, free smoothies and live music, and can get yourself to Brick Lane this weekend, you'll find us in the Hyde Park area.

Tickets are usually £8.50 (with all money from ticket sales going to Project Waterfall, a charity initiative helping to secure clean drinking water for thousands of people in Tanzania), but we've got a nifty discount. Enter the code FRUITY here, and you'll get your tickets for £6 each.

Hope to see you there. There's a smoothie with your name on it if we do.

a cheesecake recipe using our ‘kiwis, apples and limes’ smoothie by Hester Casey

Sometimes it’s time to hang up your halo and do something naughty with your innocent smoothies. Hester Casey, an exciting new cookery writer, has sent us in a delicious apple cheesecake recipe using our ‘Kiwis, apples and limes’ smoothie. For more mouth-watering treats along with the amusing anecdotes that inspired them, check out her entertaining blog


Over to Hester...

I fool myself into thinking my 'Big Apple' cheesecake isn't quite as naughty as it appears because it has real fruit smoothie as an ingredient. I've used innocent’s ‘kiwis, apples and limes’ smoothie because it is the apple-iest smoothie I’ve encountered. “innocent” it may be, but it will cause angels to hang up their halos!

For 1 cheesecake (about 10 slices) you will need...

Chocolate Base 75g butter 200g bourbon biscuits, crushed (you could use Oreos)

1. First make the base: Melt the butter in a saucepan over a gentle heat. Then, add in the crushed bourbon biscuits, mixing well until all the butter has been absorbed. Empty the biscuit mixture into a loose-bottomed 21cm (8”) round cake tin and press gently into an even layer. Leave to cool.


Filling 1 X 125g packet lime jelly/Jell-O (sufficient for 1 pint of jelly or Jell-O)
100mls boiling water
Approximately 150mls of innocent ‘kiwis, apples and limes’ smoothie
350g full fat cream cheese
100g caster sugar
150mls fresh cream

2. For the filling, cut the jelly into squares and place in a 500ml (1 pint) measuring jug. Add the boiling water and leave the jelly to melt, stirring occasionally. When the jelly has melted, add in just enough smoothie to bring the liquid up to the 250mls mark (you may have a little left over - that's for you to drink). Leave to cool, until the liquid becomes slightly syrupy and nearly set.

3. Meanwhile, beat together the cream cheese and sugar until smooth – an electric mixer is best for this job. Add in the cooled almost-set jelly, whisking continuously. Then whisk in the fresh cream. It will be alarmingly liquid at this stage but continue whisking for a minute or two and the mixture will begin to thicken slightly.

4. Pour over the cooled biscuit base and smooth the top.

5. Leave to set in the fridge making sure it is level otherwise you’re going to have a lopsided cheesecake and people will point and laugh.


I’ve decorated this with white and dark chocolate shapes – I have sprinkled some of the white chocolate shapes with crushed apple drops for an even bigger apple flavour.

how to run an innocent cafe: day one

1. Open the door at 12:30 and make sure the welcome signs are outside


2. Find a hot yet charming maître d' to man the door and welcome people inside


3. Jazz up the loos

Loo love

4. Get someone with very neat handwriting to chalk up the daily menu


5. Serve some cracking food


6. Then let the magic happen

Cafe action


7. After lunch/dinner, make sure there are plenty of innocent staff on hand to chat to people, give them their goody bag on the way out and show them how to use the tally counter

Thumb stamp


8. And if there's no space at the cafe or you need lunch-on-the-go, put a grassy takeaway hatch round the side


And let the lovely Navita serve you a veg pot, a smoothie and a bagful of treats including a tasty blueberry muffin from Scandi Kitchen to be enjoyed with a cup of Teapig tea, followed by some mid afternoon healthy snacks from Bear and Graze and finished off with a packet of the finest natural gum from the good folk at Peppersmith.


Your 5-a-day and some.

All for £5.


9. Repeat at lunchtime and dinner time for 7 days (apart from a rest on Monday) and wait for that tally counter to be well and truly thumbed.