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How to grow mint

Ah, mint. Wonderful stuff. The main ingredient of two of life's biggest necessities: toothpaste and mojitos. So, how about growing your own? Money Matters at Sainsbury's have come up with this handy guide that'll have you minted in no time:



brand new noodle news

Hands up if you like noodles. If that's you, we think you'll be interested in our latest recipe developments: we've tarted up our noodle pots, introduced two brand new recipes and smartened up the packaging while we were at it.


Get to the supermarket and try one soon: there's Malaysian LaksaVietnamese CurrySingapore Noodles and Japanese Yaki Udon, in Sainsbury's stores now and coming soon to Tesco. They're all perfect for lunch and ready in less than 5 minutes in the microwave. Delicious, nutritious and expeditious*. You can put your hand down now.

*It means quick.

How to use your fridge

We’re all guilty of wasting the odd bit of food here and there. Whether it’s forgetting we bought that cheese and finding it brown and funny smelling at the bottom of the fridge, or never using that unpronounceable herb we bought for that recipe that time, some things do slip under our anti-food- waste radar from time to time.

Even though it often feels like small titbits here and there, according to this article in the Telegraph, a massive 7.2 million tons of food and drink are wasted each year in Britain (which actually costs the average household a pretty massive £480). That is better news than it was a couple of years ago, but we still reckon we could all do a bit better.

One pretty simple way of cutting down your food waste is to start using your fridge properly. It may sound a bit silly (and obvious) but where you store certain products can make a big difference to how long they last.

Here’s a handy little diagram (that we found here) which shows the dream food in fridge scenario, if you will:


So, the next time you’re unpacking your shopping and stuffing food into your fridge higgledy piggeldy, try organising it on to its designated shelf. Your carbon footprint, and wallet, will thank you.


Roll up, roll up - get your veg pots while they're hot.

Recently, we’ve been channelling our inner Gok Wan to give our veg pot range a bit of a makeover. We hate to use the phrase ‘tastier than ever’ but, well, if the shoe fits… (it does and it looks stunning). We’re really rather proud of them (if you couldn’t tell), and now we’d love to give you all the chance to sample one (on us, of course).

There are six to choose from: three completely new recipes and three improved classics, which you can have a closer look at here.

If you’d like to take us up on the offer simply click here and a veg pot coupon will be winging it's way to you very soon.

P.S – if you fancy letting us know what you think after you’ve sampled one either email us at or rate and review the recipe on our website.