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up close and personal with fruit

See if you can watch this for more than 60 seconds without smiling.

(We didn't make it ourselves so can't vouch for all the facts and figures within it, especially the claims about pineapple being good on pizza with ham).

next stop ... Hollywood?


We were rather excited to learn our drinks have finally made their way onto the big screen. If you happen to be watching "Run, Fatboy, Run" anytime soon, look out for them towards the end of the film during the time when Thandie Newton and Hank Azaria's characters are watching TV.

By all accounts the drinks pulled off their strong, silent part superbly, and knew just when to take a backseat so as not to overshadow Thandie and Hank. Who knows where this may lead to next, although rumours they're gunning for a bigger trailer, bowls of Smarties at room temperature (with the brown ones removed) and their own personal trainer have yet to be confirmed.

what should we make films about?

We like making films. We made a nice one about our apples a couple of months ago, and there's plenty more to watch on our YouTube channel. But we thought it was about time we became a bit more responsive and started making stuff that you want to watch. So we want you to tell us what films we should be making.

Our camera skills mean that they'll be fairly basic, but we'd love it if you could tell us what questions you need answering, which innocent people you'd like us to interview, which stories you'd like us to tell.

Post your thoughts as comments at the end of this post - we'll give a month's supply of smoothies to our favourite one.

In the mean time, here's something to brighten up your day - an interview with our very own Shrimp.

jamie and his magic camera


Here's Jamie with his camera. He's posing a bit, but don't let that put you off. Jamie is a director/cameraman/editor extraordinaire. If ever we need a little film making, we turn to Jamie and his friends at Brand and Deliver. They're really good. There's no fuss, no high art drama. Just a bit of a laugh and some great films at the end of it.

Today Jamie was in to shoot a little film about Supergran. We should have it to show you soon.