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are you sustainable?


Since we started doing business, we've always tried to make sure that we don't mess up the planet while we're making our drinks. So whenever we make a business decision, we have to consider not only whether it's commercially the right thing to do, but also that it will be a sustainable decision.

By 'sustainable' we mean that we acknowledge that the Earth is a finite resource, and various bits of it are being used up pretty quickly. Too quickly.

And we know that there are loads of things we can do as a company and as individuals to make things a tiny bit better. This means understanding and taking responsibility for every social and environmental impact our small business has on the world around us, and moving each impact from being a negative impact to a neutral or, better still, a positive impact.

We've reached the stage where we need someone to come and work full-time as our Sustainability Manager; someone whose sole job it is to keep us on this well-behaved path. We've been pretty good at making sure that we do the right thing, but we need someone to concentrate on it all day every day.

So, here's the question. Could it be you? Or your best friend? Or your mum?

If you're interested, there's more here. We're deadly serious about finding someone special for this position, so if you know anyone who would fit the bill, please let them know about it. And if you help us find the right person, there's a whole load of drinks in it for you.

picture from Apollo 17 mission, courtesy of NASA

ethics and chips


Last Sunday the Observer Food Monthly kindly made us part of 'the most ethical meal on earth', which was very good of them. But that got us thinking. Do we actually shop according to our ethics? Personally speaking, I think I'm alright when it comes to thinking about the consequences of my purchases, but as I sip on my tea, I'm not quite sure where it came from. I don't know if it's ethical tea. So perhaps I'm a bit rubbish.

The same goes for quite a bit of my shopping - I'm quite good at being good and considerate in some areas, but my bin bags/deodorant/bread might not be as ethical as they could be. I guess it comes down to me being a modern day hypocrite like most people - I do good stuff where I can but probably fall down in a few places.

So, a question - how ethical are you? Do you shop with a conscience? Or do you do as much as you can and then give up and buy a bag of chips? Is there such a thing as an ethical bag of chips? And are we all hypocrites?

Would be interesting to hear how far you go - if you have time, post a comment.