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buy one get one tree part 2


We had this idea a while ago to plant a tree for every smoothie we sold. We thought we'd call it 'Buy One Get One Tree' and gave it a go. It seemed to work quite well, with over 16,000 trees being registered and planted. Some people got really intoit, like San here.


Then we thought we'd try it again but this time a bit bigger. We're going for 100,000 trees now. That's a lot of trees. They'd cover 200 football pitches if you planted them all next to each other.


So what do you need to do? Well, look out for any of our special 1 litre smoothies with green bits on them (as shown below), register your unique code here and Bob's your uncle. We'll make sure a tree is planted in India or Africa and then looked after for 30 years (by our friends at Carbon Clear who are very good with trees).


You can even add a message to the tree you planted in our virtual forest or donate it to a friend if you're feeling nice.

I called mine Woodie.

our brand new 100% recycled plastic bottles


We've been working on the rest for a while. But today is when we can finally announce that we got to 100%.

Our bottles are now made from 100% recycled plastic
. It's a world first, and heralds a huge reduction in our carbon footprint. Here are some facts, comparing the new bottle's impact versus the old 50% recycled version:

  • 20% reduction in materials (we've made the bottle lighter)
  • 55% carbon reduction
  • 100% recycled content
  • 100% recyclable
  • 100% food safe

Next up, we're changing our label paper so that it's made from 25% recycled content and 75% FSC certified paper, and we'll be working on getting this better too.

Making our business better involves a series of steps. Sometimes they're small and almost unnoticeable; sometimes they're pretty big and have a large impact on the way we treat the planet. Today is one of the slightly bigger days, but we'll keep doing the small stuff too. We'll keep working on the rest, because we want to build a company that we can be proud of.

well behaved pineapples

We like to buy fruit from farms that make that extra effort to look after their workers and the environment. So we've been buying Rainforest Alliance certified bananas for a while now, and are keen to get our pineapples certified as well. However, at the moment there are no farms certified to the standard to provide them to us. Our Jess went to visit pineapple growers in Costa Rica recently, to learn more about pineapple farming, and to understand what actions were needed to get the farms certified.


After a bit of research and chatting to the farmers, it seems that the three main areas the farms are working on are conserving biodiversity, protecting the soil from erosion and worker safety. So we'll be working closely with the farms and auditors from the Rainforest Alliance over the next few months on these three main areas, and will hopefully get that certification. Oh yes.

Yolanda and Francisco (Rainforest Alliance auditors), and our Jess

A word about the pineapples we'll be buying...they're called Mayan Gold and are really juicy and sweet. The plants and the pineapples are very prickly on the outside, so you have to wear special clothes when picking them, to protect your skin. The pineapples are prone to sunburn if they're on the outside of the plant, which means that they don't look so pretty but they still taste great.