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the innocent foundation scholarship

Back in April last year we ran our first innocent foundation scholarship for someone from innocent to go out and visit a foundation project. The deal is that person has to roll up their sleeves while they are there, help out with what needs doing and then come back and tell us all about it.

Our first scholar was Helen who visited the Irula Tribal Women's Welfare Society project and helped them to put together a new website. You may remember some of her updates live from the ground. She also made a little film (above) while she was there.

Now that we've added a conclusion to our first scholarship we can tell you about our second. It's going to be to the Microloan Foundation in Malawi. We've just decided who's going and will give you an update soon. You can be sure that there'll be lots of reports just like Helen's here on our blog later this year.

ha hulu


We've talked before about the exciting work the innocent foundation been supporting with Send a Cow. Way back in 2005 we agreed to provide some funding to help the villagers of Ha Mapathe village in Lesotho to make some real changes to their lives and now 3 years on we're just about to transfer our last grant to them and we're so excited by what they've achieved we thought you'd like to hear about it to.

Lesotho has just been through it's worst drought in 30 years and the Ha Mapathe farmers have been finding life tough, but the villagers say they would be in a worse state if they hadn't put so much energy into building keyhole gardens, double dug beds and hafirs (water storage tanks), which have enabled them to grow enough vegetables to be able to survive.

Richie Alford Send a Cow's Programme Co-ordinator recently asked some of the Ha Maphathe women if they were happy as a result of the project - their response was 'Ha Hulu' . . 'absolutely definitely, in a big way!' What a fantastic response.

If you're stuck for what to buy Auntie Vera for Christmas and fancy helping people like the amazing villagers of Ha Maphathe you might want to take a look at

Posted by Linda (innocent foundation guardian)

one hundred thousand trees


We broke through our 100,000 trees Buy One Get One Tree target yesterday. Woo hoo. That's over 200 football pitches worth of trees and means we can support all of the planned community tree planting schemes in Africa and India.

Joanne and Gavin were the one-hundredth thousand registrants at around mid-day on Wednesday 14th November 2007. Thanks Joanne and Gavin, we'll try and rustle up a little something for you to commemorate the occasion.

And thank you to everyone else who's registered a tree so far. As the project has been so successful we are going to extend the deadline up until December 10th, so every tree over the original 100,000 will also be planted and cared for in India or Africa.

This is the first time we've run a project like this on this scale and as it has gone so well we are thinking about doing it again next year. To make it even better we'd love to hear what you think of the project and any suggestions might you have to improve it?

Downloadable certificates for each tree planted?

Badges for your FaceBook/ MySpace/ Bebo profiles?

More room to add longer messages to each tree?

More information on the communities the trees are going to?

We're open to any idea or suggestion, please leave your comments on this blog post.