Thoughts from category: drinker of the week

Maria, you gotta see her

We’ve taken the 4th floor stapler on a few outings recently – so far it’s visited Cambridge, an inner city London farm an, um, the second floor

And it seems that its international celebrity status is growing because when Maria spotted us positioning it outside the Ritz last week she asked if she could get a photo. 


We were chuffed, but, since then, it’s started refusing to staple any documents which aren’t ‘business critical’ and won’t sit on the desk with the unbranded hole punch. Diva.

we don't understand it but we know we love it



All you need to know about this photo is that it's a dog called Oliver wearing two hand-drawn innocent smoothie labels as glasses, which were made by a lady called Louise. Now, just take it in. Savour it. Reflect on what it is you have seen. And then go about your day as normal.

Hard to beet

Bacon and maple syrup. Batman and Robin.  John and Edward. We all know that it's strangely satisfying when odd and unexpected things match each other perfectly, so when Briony sent us this photo of her skip to the beet fruit and veg juice perfectly complementing her shoes this week, we rejoiced. 


We asked Briony if we could share the photo of this burgundy-coloured miracle on our blog. She replied "Really? Haven't you got anything better to write about?" Clearly not everyone appreciates a perfect colour match when they see one.

Legs of cheese or arms of bacon?

Would you rather have arms made of bacon or legs made of cheese? We posed that very question on the back of our smoothie cartons recently and Will wrote in to say that he would much rather have arms made of bacon to avoid the whole 'cheesy feet' stigma and resulting social isolation. We drew him a picture to better illustrate how this might look so he could make a more informed decision:


We think he's onto something – while bacon arms may attract a stray dog or two, you'd always have delicious bacon at your fingertips. Literally.

dale's smoothie disaster

Since one of innocent's founders, Jon, found himself covered head to toe in smoothie one hungover morning, there has been a plaque on the wall here at fruit towers with the sensible instruction to 'shake before opening, not after'. We even put it on our bottles. However, it doesn't seem to have been enough as, this week, poor Dale here became another victim of distracted smoothie shaking. 


We feel your pain, Dale, but thanks for acting as a good warning to us all.