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magic doors

Wouldn't it be nice if you were out walking one day and you spotted a magic door, and on the other side of that magic door was a whole world of possibility and wonder and sunny weather? door installations by nicole evans and pat farrell
Well, if you happen to be in Nova Scotia any time soon, you might just happen upon such a portal. Artists Nicole Evans and Pat Farrell have been making these door installations for the outdoor art trail Uncommon Common Art for the past few years, causing local dog walkers no end of confusion. door installations by nicole evans and pat farrell

door installations by nicole evans and pat farrell

You can see more of the doors here.

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colouring in made easy (again)

Earlier this month we blogged about the miniscule remains of our favourite grass-drawing pencil. With less than a centimetre left, drawing was getting pretty tricky. Luckily for us a very kind lady read our blog and came to the rescue.

grass drawing pencils

She sent us the exact green Karisma pencil we needed along with the rest of the set.

We want to say a big

Thank you rosie king

for making a the creative team* very happy (and making drawing grass much easier).

Rosie please email us your address so we can send you something to say thank you.


*Kirsty in particular

imagine having a cloud in your front room

You could spend your days lying on the rug in front of the fire, dipping crudités into houmous while you marvel at the magic of water and its various states and dream of a life less ordinary.

The Dutch artist Berndnaut Smilde must have had a similar idea, as he's found a way to conjure up indoor clouds using a smoke machine, moisture and dramatic lighting. Pretty impressive eh?

Nimbus ii by berndnaut smilde Nimbus by berndnaut smilde

The only problem is that the clouds only last a split second before disappearing, which means that our dreams of cosy carpet picnics are a little way off from becoming reality.