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Kiran's magnets

Some of you may never have bought our kids wedges (don’t worry, we won’t hold it against you…but, in our completely unbiased opinion, you’re missing out), so might not know that, around the time that the kids are pulling their uniform out from the back of the wardrobe and unscrunching their holiday homework sheet, we pop sets of alphabet and number magnets into our kids smoothie boxes to give them a bit of a back to school treat.

Kids often get in touch to tell us how much they love collecting our magnets (which takes us back to our days of football stickers, Pokemon cards and Pogs), and send photos of their fridges beautifully emblazoned with their names and different words they’ve been able to spell using them.

A couple of weeks ago, we received such a letter from a young man called Kiran (age 12) who said he had ‘long adored’ our magnets (which made us very happy indeed) and then really impressed us by including some of his very own alphabet magnet designs. We can’t resist including his letter below, because it was one of the loveliest we’ve ever had:

These are the alphabet magnets that Kiran came up with, and we think you’ll agree that they are glorious:


We knew we had to do something a bit special to thank Kiran for his excellent efforts, so one of our designers, Kirsty, came up with the pretty genius idea of transforming two of his magnet ideas (K and B – his initals) into real magnet prototypes:


We sent them off to Kiran, and later received this letter through the post, so we reckon he liked them.


Kiran, we salute you. Thanks again for giving us lots of future magnet ideas, and making our day.


The humble banana. That yellow semi-circle of squishy goodness. Good for eating, good for putting into smoothies and good for...fashioning into a variety of different animals (we spend a lot of time around bananas here in fruit towers so, naturally, one thing leads to another). 

Today, we thought we’d share with you our favourite banana based animal creations so that next time you've got a banana handy (and a bit of extra time) you can transform it into one of the following:

5. Loch Ness Banana Monster

Stick a few bananas in a puddle and you can just about call it Nessie.

(we found this banana monster here

4. Swan banana.

May also require a biro and some artistic talent.

  (we found Jurgen Steenwelle's graceful banana here

3. Banana dog.

Not for beginners. Tricky. Not even a real banana.

(we found this photo here

2. The banana dolphin. 

This image was sent in to us by Fiona Macintyre on Facebook. The banana dolphins are happily frolicking in a sea of grapes (their natural habitat).


1. The banana penguin.

This idea was sent in to us by @LivvyEpps on twitter, and is probably the simplest design of the lot . Just peel down the sides of the banana to make the wings and, hey presto, you’ve got a waddly banana penguin on your hands.


If you manage to recreate any of the above, or have already earned your banana animal expert credentials and created your own, be sure to let us marvel at them on twitter - you can find us @innocentdrinks. Pretty appeeling, we think you'll agree (sorry).

A wee story

Over the years, we've been sent some lovely things from our drinkers. Other times, we’ve been sent some weird things from our drinkers. We’ll let you decide which category the following letter from John Collins falls under:


We just hope he’s careful not to mix the bottles up afterwards.

If you’ve got any unorthodox uses for our bottles we…think…we’d love to hear about them in the comments (those advertising campaigns aren't going to come up with themselves), so be sure to let us know.

colouring in made easy (again)

Earlier this month we blogged about the miniscule remains of our favourite grass-drawing pencil. With less than a centimetre left, drawing was getting pretty tricky. Luckily for us a very kind lady read our blog and came to the rescue.

grass drawing pencils

She sent us the exact green Karisma pencil we needed along with the rest of the set.

We want to say a big

Thank you rosie king

for making a the creative team* very happy (and making drawing grass much easier).

Rosie please email us your address so we can send you something to say thank you.


*Kirsty in particular