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Mr and Mrs Crow


Mr and Mrs Crow are about to be parents. They're nervously waiting for three brand new baby birds to hatch from the eggs Mrs Crow laid a few weeks before. While they wait, they are handed an innocent smoothie. They love it, because "birds love innocent, and so does everyone". This is the new advert idea that Samuel Wiffin pitched to us in the form of an amazing illustration this week. 

Move aside Badrul – it's Mr and Mrs Crow's time to shine.


Have you ever looked at a piece of toast and seen the face of Noel Edmonds? Or, halfway through eating a blueberry muffin, realised it was a dead ringer for your pet chihuahua? If you have, you're not alone – seeing faces where they shouldn't be is called pareidolia and it's surprisingly common. 

This week, Chantal and Chio thought they spotted the Mona Lisa in one of our smoothies and, we have to say, it is uncanny. 


Guys – get it up on ebay, sharpish.

How to make a piggy bank from an innocent juice bottle

Last week, our socks were well and truly knocked off by the brilliant piggy bank Emilie, 10, made out of one of our juice bottles.


So simple yet so effective. To be honest, we wish we’d thought of it first. Anyway, just in case you fancy having a go at making one yourself we’ve put together a little how-to below:

How to make a piggy bank from an innocent juice bottle

You will need:

A 900ml bottle of innocent juice

An A3 piece of pink foam

A bit of white foam

A waterproof black marker

Some tape (preferably double-sided)

A pair of scissors or a knife

Step one: drink your juice. Not a bad start, if we do say so ourselves.

Step two: rinse out the empty bottle.

Step three: cut a large strip of pink foam which will fit all the way around the empty bottle. Fix the foam with a bit of tape.

Step four: to make the pig’s curly tail, cut a strip of pink foam 15 cm long and 0.5 cm wide. Wind it around a pen or pencil to curl it and fix it in place with tape. Don’t remove it from the pen just yet.

Step five: draw round the cap of the bottle onto a piece of pink foam and cut it out to form the pig's nose. Draw on the nostrils with the marker and tape it on to the front of the bottle cap (make sure you screw the cap on the carafe tightly beforehand otherwise your pig will have slanted nostrils).

Step six: for the legs, cut four rectangles of pink foam, roll them up and tape them on to the bottom of the bottle.

Step seven: for the ears, cut two triangles out of pink foam and stick them on to the neck of your bottle.

Step eight: for the eyes, cut two ovals of white foam rubber. Draw the pupils on with the marker and stick them on to the neck of the bottle, just under the ears.

Step nine: Take the pig’s tail that you made on your pen earlier and glue it to the back of the pig.

Step ten: This is the last and, if we’re honest, most difficult step – making the coin slot of your piggy bank. Take your scissors or a knife (grown ups – make sure you give the little one’s a hand with this). Hold the bottle and the knife firmly so there’s no chance of your pig slipping. Then, carefully cut a straight slot along the pig’s back making sure it goes through both the foam and the plastic of the bottle.


Finished. Now all you need is a bit of pocket money to fill his belly and you'll be sorted.

We all make mistakes

Guys, we're not perfect. Sometimes we make mistakes. Hard to believe, we know, but every now and again, when the blue moon is in the sky, it can happen.

This week we received a complaint from Frankie who found half an uncrushed banana in her smoothie. This has never happened before and all we can think is that our blender was playing up or a rogue chimpanzee passed through who couldn't find the compost bin. 


We're still a bit confused as to how the other half found its way onto Frankie's desk (strange, that) but we're very sorry and will make sure it never happens again.

dale's smoothie disaster

Since one of innocent's founders, Jon, found himself covered head to toe in smoothie one hungover morning, there has been a plaque on the wall here at fruit towers with the sensible instruction to 'shake before opening, not after'. We even put it on our bottles. However, it doesn't seem to have been enough as, this week, poor Dale here became another victim of distracted smoothie shaking. 


We feel your pain, Dale, but thanks for acting as a good warning to us all.