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The story of Thomas and Thirzah

A few weeks ago we sent out socks and Christmas cards to a few thousand of you out there in the real world. We didn’t have a reason beyond it being Christmas. It just felt like a nice thing to do. Loads of people then contacted us over Twitter and Facebook to say thank you. It was lovely. We were feeling all warm inside. Until Thirzah, that is.

Our Christmas was ruined. How could we have got it so wrong? ‘Thirzah’ isn’t even remotely similar to ‘Thomas’. All our hard work was for nothing. Yes, Thirzah seemed to take it well, but we knew that deep down she was disappointed with us.

And what about Thomas? Was he out there somewhere having an unexpected identity crisis? Would he wake up a few days before Christmas only to have his own sense of self shattered by an admin error? We spent the rest of the day worrying about Thomas, hoping that he was okay. Then, the next morning, he got in touch.

Thomas’s identity remained intact. We breathed a sigh of relief and introduced the two of them over Twitter. What started as a mistake we’ll never forgive ourselves for has become a beautiful meeting between strangers.

The next step here is obvious. Thomas and Thirzah will probably fall in love and we’d by lying if we said we’re not going to do everything in our power to make it happen. It’ll be one of the PR stories of the year. We’ll send flowers to Thirzah and accidentally sign ‘Thomas’ instead of ‘innocent’. We’ll arrange a big night out, invite them both under the pretence that loads of people will be there, and then leave them alone for the night in a fancy restaurant. Yes, there are ethical questions about toying with people’s emotions but we’ve seen romantic comedy films, we know how this works. It can’t fail. We can do this.

Tricia's tree

Over the years we've sent you lot a fair few Christmas presents - socks, tea towels and, nine years ago, Christmas tree saplings. This week we discovered that our Helen's mum Tricia's tree is still going strong – in fact, it is now eight feet tall, bedecked with baubles and has survived a few assassination attempts by Helen's dad, who thinks the garden would look tidier without it. 


Thanks for looking after it so well over the years, Tricia (and excellent jumper, by the way).

DIY Christmas

Walk into any supermarket today and you will be momentarily blinded by walls of baubles and tinsel. You might find that the lure of the glittery pink reindeer is too strong and it makes it into your basket. That's fine - it'll look lovely with that alternative nativity scene starring the cast of Mrs Brown's Boys. But how about also having a go at recycling some of the things you've got lying around the house and putting your own stamp on Christmas? The infographic below from Anglian Home gives you a few ideas to get started.


If you can't get the PVA and glitter out at Christmas, when can you?