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what should we write a book about?

Recently we've been getting confused. We've been talking to some people about writing a book, and we have an idea for what it should be about but a) we're not sure it's the right idea, and b) we're finding it hard to sum up our idea.

So it would be good to hear what you reckon we should write a book about, seeing as you might possibly be the people who would buy it. Seems sensible to check with you first.

We just did a recipe book, so we don't really want another one of those just yet. What we're thinking is something more about the company - the stuff we've learned since we started up seven years ago and so on. A bit of the history, a bit of stuff about how we run the business, and a few pages about camping and all of the other things that we like doing.

Here's some stuff that I wrote in an email to try to describe it further:

"...we don't believe that we have all of the answers. We've done things well (which we'd like to share), we've done some things badly (we'll share these too) and we once went to the Natural History Museum on school trip (a visit that still inspires us to this day and which we'd definitely like to share).

...we don't believe that there is a single foolproof code for running good businesses - we don't believe in business books that promise 'the answer'. However, we do believe that if we share all of the things that have worked for us and that have inspired us, perhaps others will feel inspired to to do something more rewarding as well. Maybe they'll find a nugget that helps them. Or maybe they'll just look at the pictures."

It's all a bit vague at the moment. Perhaps you can let us know what you'd actually like to read and we can take it from there. Comments please...



Here's a short post after the last long one. It's all about a book called Oranges by John McPhee that we like a lot. Mr McPhee has an ambling, rambling style that takes you through the history of the orange, and along the way we encounter such characters as Confucius, Louis XIV, Columbus and Ben Hill Griffin of Frostproof, Florida (it's a real place). There's something about the rhythm of his writing that makes you want to just slow down and think about oranges, maybe whilst snoozing under a tree. It's very clever when you can make people feel like that by choosing exactly the right words.

Thanks Mr McPhee.

You can check out Oranges here. If you read it, we hope you enjoy it.