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running man

You may remember in our last marathon update, we asked you to recommend your favourite running routes through London.

Now, you know that karmic rule about whatever you put out there you get back threefold, reap and ye shall sow type thing etc? Well, in our search for new running routes, the running gods have been generous indeed.

We got pointed in the direction of some great websites, discovered some hidden areas of London and last week, got a great big dollop of karma in the shape of Chris D, a running guru who has just started working here.


Not only a whiz at all things financial, Chris is also a keen runner and has just written a great book called 30 Great Runs In London.


All runs are as traffic free, green space and easy-to-get-to as you like and come with a detailed route map, highlighting all the interesting places along the way. As well as the nice pictures, Chris also tells you where all the hills and hard bits are and, most importantly, where you can go to the loo.


He very kindly gave each of us a copy so we're going to roadtest a few of his runs in our final few weeks of training and let you know how we go.

a book to help us save the planet

Call me a latecomer, but we found this at the Design Museum the other day. Originally published in 2002 and updated last year, it's "a complete guide to beautifully conceived, ecologically sensitive and consumer-friendly furniture and objects for everyday use". In other words, it should help us kit out the office without screwing the planet.


we're in the top ten


Somehow our recipe book has made it to number 7 in the bestsellers list on Amazon. Number 7 out of all the books that they have in their big warehouse. Wow. Could have something to do with the fact that it's on special offer at £5.99.

Just thought we'd let you know, in case it's your Nan's birthday soon.

a new book about us


Here's a new book that has been written about us. It's in a series called Great Brand Stories and tells the story of innocent. Written by a nice chap called John Simmons, it's a rollicking good read, full of mystery, intrigue, cops, robbers and a saucy incident involving a vicar and some smoked haddock.


Actually, that's not strictly true. It's about fruit, some drinks and some people. Our story. Quite interesting if you're into smoothies, entrepreneurial stuff and more smoothies. You can buy it here.


the world changing book

The World Changing book has arrived. It's a modern day Whole Earth Catalog, and has sprung from the fine blog/site of the same name. The book looks great, and it somehow feels like it's of the earth - lots of recycled textures, unfussy design and plain speaking. Pretty refreshing.


It'll make a good Christmas present for the practical world-changing person in your life.