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the great paper caper

We've very kindly been given 5 signed copies of Oliver Jeffers' brand new book The Great Paper Caper to give away


Packed full of mystery, mischief, disappearing trees, bears and paper planes, The Great Paper Caper is also printed on FSC sustainable paper meaning you can read about looking after trees whilst doing just that.

To win your very own signed copy, just tell us about the best paper caper you've ever been involved in.

(This competition has now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered and a very well done to Ella, Katie, Lauran, Alice and Melissa)

read-y steady book


Illustration by Oliver Jeffers

There's nothing like settling down and having a good old read, which is quite apt as 2008 is the National Year of Reading, and this week, people all over Wales will be giving books out as part of their national Give a Book Week. We don't reckon it matters if you're in Wales or not, so give a thought to treating your loved ones to a new book. If you're looking for something for kids, anything by Oliver Jeffers is always a hit, even big kids like me enjoy them. If you like your books a little weird, I Lick My Cheese, is also a good buy. Or simply share your latest book with your mates, and make them promise not to fold the pages down. Feel free to share any page-turners you've read recently with us below.

same same but different

Here's a quick spot the difference for you


Before you start writing in about the variation in shading, the bottle shadow or the hidden netball, there's actually only one difference, which all eagle eyed Dutch speakers will have clocked straightaway - namely, that our recipe book is now available in Dutch.

Hot off the press, it will make a lovely present for all your Dutch friends, neighbours, colleagues and football coaches and you can get it here, here, here, here and here.

our new french recipe book

We've just had our recipe book translated into French.


We thought it might be a straightforward translation job, but no. Lots of our questionable 'jokes' and cultural references needed to be rewritten (thanks Matt) and we came up with some new recipes too, especially for the cultured French palate.


We kept the wee-o-meter in though. Everyone needs to wee, even the French. It's now known as the pipi-o-metre.


the first few pages


We started writing a book this week, trying to record the story of our company so far and a few of the things we've learned too. We've been talking about it for a while, and got some of your ideas a while ago, but this week saw the actual beginning. As you can see above, it's always best to commence with a blank page and stare at a tree for a bit before committing yourself.


Richard took up a spot in the kitchen, close to the kettle and the biscuits.


Then before we knew it, the sun was setting and the day was over.

Word count after day one - about 4000.

Biscuits eaten - pretty much a whole packet of chocolate digestives.