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when you're writing a book...

We have a new book coming out soon. It will be introduced properly on this blog and elsewhere shortly, but before it gets to the shops, we just wanted to share a modern day parable.

If you're ever writing a book, and the deadline is looming, and your publisher is rightly asking you when it all might be ready, and the printers are getting impatient, and the boss is getting nervous, and you're wondering if you really have enough time to get everything done, don't fret. Just look at this photo and you will realise that whatever hurdles you must hurdle, whatever mountains you must climb, you can succeed. It will happen if you summon the positive mental strength. Pull the sledge.


Friday night book clubbing...

Nick Cave, Phillip Pullman, Margaret Atwood, and Graham Norton.

Under the shadow of Nelson's Column.


This, dear readers, is no fiction, but could instead become your Friday night if you are very lucky, because we have some rather special tickets to give away.

10,000 people will gather in Trafalgar square this Friday (the 4th) to be treated to a wide range of performances and readings from some of the most celebrated artists of stage, screen and theatre. And because here at Fruit Towers we like nothing more than to squirrel away with a good book, we decided we'd like to get involved and support this event.

Friday night kick starts 'World Book Night', a nationwide initiative to celebrate and encourage reading- as part of this, 1 million books will be given out the day after by 20,000 passionate readers who have volunteered to get involved. One of these is our lovely Katie here at innocent, pictured here with her favourite read.


So if you know your Forster from your Fabric and your Tolstoy from your Turnmills, and would love nothing more than to spend your Friday evening raving about reading, we might just be able to make it happen for you. We have 20 sets of tickets to give away- to be in with the chance to get your hands on a set, just take a peak here.

failsafe emergency christmas gifts

Hate that embarrassing moment when someone hands you a nicely wrapped Christmas present and you're left, awkwardly shuffling and looking intently at a piece of fluff on the floor because you've not bought them anything?

Well to avoid such festive faux pas this year, here's our top 5 list of failsafe emergency Christmas presents.

Simply buy a few, wrap them up and keep them on hand with a stash on unmarked gift tags so you can scribble a quick seasons greeting before handing it over.

Top 5 failsafe emergency Christmas presents (or as Charlie H calls them 'floater gifts')

1. Socks: Totally failsafe. Especially those one-size-fits-all types.

2. Panettone: Posh. Christmassy. Posh. Yep.

3. A nice pen: Will make said recipient feel important. Especially if it comes in a special pen box.

4. Cheat's homemade chutney: Buy some nice chutney, steam off the labels, handwrite your own, tie a fancy bit of ribbon round the top and Rudolph's your uncle.

5. Our books*


They're perfect for budding business types or the loved ones in your life who like messing about in the kitchen. Plus they're pretty sizeable so all you'll need to do is pop a few walnuts and a clementine in for generous looking stocking/well thought out gift.

We could do a special deal on them but you know and we know that you'll get a better deal on Amazon, so here's a handy link instead.

*EXTREMELY STRONG DISCLAIMER: We never usually do stuff like this but since we've written them and you've got stockings to fill, we thought a shamless plug in support of stocking filling would be okay

our new book

We've just written a new book all about innocent.


We say just. We've actually been talking about writing one for the last few years but it took us a bit longer than we anticipated (lots of looking for old photos, trying to remember everything that's happened and what not).

Anyways, we finished it just after Christmas and it's now available in Waterstone's, Amazon and all the usual places.

In a nutshell, it's the story of our first ten years in business and is a book for anyone who wants to start their own business, bring fresh thinking to their current one or has been told their idea won't work.

After all, innocent is a business that almost didn't happen (we were turned down by every bank in the land) so we hope by telling our story we can encourage other people to have a go at doing their own thing too.

Even if starting a business isn't on your to do list, the book does a neat job of summing up our first ten years. And there are lots of pictures. Very important.

You can also watch this little film that the people from Waterstone's made when they came in for a look round.