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and the winners are...


We won a prize. We were competing against some very big companies like Unilever and Nestle to win the Sir Ian MacLaurin Award for Supply Chain Excellence at the 2006 IGD Food Industry Awards and we did it.


It was awarded to "the company that has had a quantifiable impact on the supply chain, demonstrating a major step-change over and above everyday trading requirements, with innovative, sustainable initiatives." What this means is that we make the right amount of smoothies, deliver them on time to the right place, pretty much 100% of the time, without screwing up. It's probably the toughest thing about making fresh drinks - making sure that we make the right amount and that they get into your hands with no discernible hiccups. The fact that we've been recognised for doing it well is something that makes us proud.

And it makes us especially proud of our Operations team, who make all of this possible. They work their backsides off and this was just reward.

They were a little tender on Thursday.

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