Thoughts from author: Tim Fowler

surf's not up

Unlike the Severn Bore near Minsterworth the canal that runs alongside Fruit Towers does't get much surf, this Moorhen didn't get the memo.



awesome Friday #1

We thought it would be nice to round off each week with some awesomeness. Something you can share with your friends or talk about over lunch or even better in the pub after work, maybe mention it to that stranger you are stood next to on the tube or whilst waiting for the number 36 bus to New Cross. Hopefully you'll be left thinking "that was awesome" well at least we hope you will...

more 3D chalk

Last week we showed you the wonders of 3D chalk. Today we can show you what it looks like coloured in. Hats off to the designers of the The Lego Terracotta Army.


Thanks to Leon Keer for letting us use his photo.