Thoughts from author: Tim Fowler

impress your boss

If you're desperately racking your brains for how to impress your boss, then rack no more. To get a bunch of our tasty veg pots delivered to you and your esteemed colleagues for free, just fill in your details here. Employee of the Month guaranteed.


total geek out...

The last thing you expect whilst making toast is to be invited into the sacred domain that is the innocent server room.
A select few were given a guided tour and Joe even got to push a button.

As you can see IT Sam takes things very seriously, colour matching his jacket and carrying a screwdriver at all times.

Where the great recipes are at


We're pretty sure you liked our peaches and passion fruits recipe last time round, so it’s back by popular demand. Not only is it top of the list of recipes that you ask to be returned, it’s also spreading the word about a brand new campaign, dressed up in a fancy new pack.

The campaign in question is called the Great Recipe Archive. With the help of our friends at We Are What We Do, we’re hunting out lots of proper wholesome recipes – the ones that get passed down through the family. And we thought it would be good if you could find all of these recipes in one place, submitted by people from far and wide. So if you have such a recipe, upload it here for all to see. And check out the site to see what’s up there so far. Every week from November 1st, we'll choose a 'Recipe of the Month' and the recipe author will win a case of smoothies (to be that winner, just get all your friends to vote for your recipe). Get involved here and then get cooking.